10x Your Influence – What Leaders Can Do to Become More Influential

If you are a fan of leadership and influence and haven’t checked out the Leadership and Influence Summit, you still can!

We recently extended access through the end of December (it’s free so you can take advantage for yourself and share it with others).

We also added in a brand new video lesson from Joseph Grenny and the leadership team at VitalSmarts. It’s an excellent message containing tips on what leaders can do to become more influential!

You can watch the video below (for email or RSS readers, click here).

And you can also access a free “Becoming ten times more influential” research report from VitalSmarts here.

To get instant access to the Leadership and Influence Summit, which contains video lessons from over 30 leading experts… visit www.LeadershipAndInfluenceSummit.com and sign up.

If you have accessed the summit, which presenter(s) did you like best?
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Learn more about Joseph Grenny at www.josephgrenny.com and more about VitalSmarts at www.vitalsmarts.com.

I’d also suggest you check out these great books from Joseph Grenny. Each one is a fantastic resource for expanding your leadership and influence!

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