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3 Benefits of Writing Blog Posts in Advance (and Resources to Schedule Your Posts)


My goal is to post on my blog 3-4 times per week. Some weeks I nail it, other weeks I fall off the rocker. It’s not that I intend to have these highs and lows but it’s what happens when the work needs to get done and busyness takes over.

Perhaps you can relate.

Since I know that consistency is key when it comes to growing a blog readership and it’s something that I preach to my clients on a regular basis, overcoming the gaps in post frequency is of considerable need.

So, while I hope this post will share something of value to you, it’s also a reminder to me. Call it a dose of my own medicine. : )

3 Benefits of Writing Blog Posts in Advance

1. You’ll Avoid the “Hurry Up Post” – The hurry up post is what happens when you realize you haven’t blogged in a few days and you scramble to push something out quick. In most instances though, that quick post is not the best content you could have produced and doing so will impact your potential readership. Writing in advance will give you more time to nurture a thought (because you can save it as a draft and come back to it to work on it as you have time and as your thoughts connect).

2. You Can Get Ahead – It’s tough sometimes to write in advance because, well… you’re busy. But if you can get a few posts knocked out ahead of time and keep the cycle moving, you will give yourself a buffer for those days that you either have no margin to spare or when you run up on that occasional writers block with little or no inspiration to write.

3. You Can “Set it and Forget it” – Once you have posts pre-written, you can schedule them to post in the future. This way, you don’t have to be tied down to posting when you are busy doing the other work that you need to be doing. See the scheduling resources below.

Almost all blog platforms enable you the ability to schedule posts. In WordPress it’s quite easy. Here’s an article with instructions how.

Another great resource for scheduling your posts is to use an editorial calendar so you, at a glance, can see what is scheduled. Chris Brogan has an insightful word on that here with a suggested plugin to help you do the trick.

At the core, content… frequency and consistency is what will help your blog grow. Writing posts in advance and scheduling them is just one way to help yourself succeed.

It may be common practice to some and common sense to others but sometimes implementing the most obvious things is what gets overlooked.

Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker is President of Higher Level Group, Inc., a strategic marketing and development firm that helps authors, professional speakers, and organizations who are doing good to expand their influence. LINKS: Follow @DanielDecker on Twitter | Visit the "About" Page | Subscribe to the Blog and get updates via RSS or Email.
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