3 Lessons from Groupon and Facebook That Should Change Your Life

Consider this…

GROUPON is estimated to have a worth of between 3 BILLION and 6 BILLION.

FACEBOOK is estimated to have a worth of over 50 BILLION.

But here’s the thing…

Neither of these entities existed more than 6 years ago.

Groupon didn’t even exist until November 2008, a little over 2 years ago.

What’s this mean for you?

Change can happen fast.
Don’t give up hope. Just because you might be in debit right now, you can get out. Shoot, you could be a multi-millionaire or billionaire in the near future if you play your cards right and pursue that idea – dream – whatever that you’ve been cooking up. (But it won’t happen if you just sit there.)

Don’t let failure, or the prospect of it, stop you.
Groupon was a failure before it was a success. In fact, founder Andrew Mason originally created it as a sort of fund raising site called The Point which more or less bombed. With a few tweaks Andrew sort of stumbled onto Groupon and boom… sensational hit that took off faster than anyone could have predicted. Wasn’t complex either. You might even say it was a pretty simple idea but an idea that stuck and that people have gathered around in droves. I bet a lot of people told Andrew that his idea was stupid or that it wouldn’t work or that there were already too many competing coupon ventures out there. I bet he’s glad now that he had his ear muffs on and just went forward. (You can do the same.)

Everyone will love you when you are a success.
But they’ll probably ignore you until then. It’s just how it is. Deal with it. If you’re trying to start or build something, get used to being the low man (or woman) on the totem pole. No one else will see what you see or believe in it in the way that you do. That’s okay. Just prove your worth by making whatever it is that you’re pursing successful. Then, watch out because those same people who turned you down will likely want to be your best friend as soon as you make it. And when you do (make it), don’t forget where you came from and what it was like when you were on the bottom fighting your way up. (Change the game going forward and help others succeed as well).

What lessons would you add? Share them here.

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