3 Ways to Live Your Life on Purpose

Most all of us have dreams, ambitions, goals or aspirations… at least of some kind. Things we want to do or become.

But sometimes life can get in the way, can’t it?

We may have intentions but the monotony of the day-to-day, the responsibilities and the busyness can leave us merely trying to survive… much less giving us any margin to thrive.

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years and if we aren’t careful we can find ourselves living but not being truly alive.

Sound familiar?

The good news though is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can do anything, if we make the choice to do so.

In my work with a number of highly successful leaders, best-selling authors and thought leaders I have recognized multiple traits that set them apart from the crowd. Things they do to live their lives on purpose and in a direction that makes them or their accomplishments admirable to others.

What I have found is that it’s not necessarily that they are smarter or better looking or more privileged… it has more to do with their drive and their perspective of how they see the world.

While the traits are many, here are 3 that we all can use to pursue our dreams and live our lives on purpose…

1. Believe – If you have a dream or an idea to pursue, believe in it and believe that you are capable of achieving it (no matter what anyone else tells you). It’s very possible that your idea is part of your purpose, the unique calling that God has placed on your life. If you don’t go after it then you’re not living the life that you were intended to live and you will feel out of balance as a result. If God gave you the idea then he will equip you to achieve it. It doesn’t mean that it will be easy or that you won’t encounter resistance along the way, after all no dream worth living was ever accomplished without hard work, persistence and determination. The resistance is part of the journey and what helps us to grow. Success in whatever it is you want to achieve may not come easy but it won’t come at all if you don’t believe it is possible.

2. Stop Waiting for PerfectionPerfection is a myth and you will never achieve it. You’re kidding yourself if you are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect place or the perfect sign. Waiting on perfection is just an excuse to procrastinate and bow down to the fear that tries to limit us. Almost every successful person I know is a doer. Yes, they think things through but they don’t over think it to the point of inaction. At some point you must do or you’ll just keep wishing you did.

3. Start Today with Tomorrow in Mind – If you want to achieve something big, recognize that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. There are very few real overnight successes. Most of what we see is the result of years of work. Start today and keep the end in mind. Like a brilliant sculpture is created by chipping away piece by piece, you too must do the same. Don’t get discouraged in the beginning, just keep chipping away. When you work with the end in mind, you are being intentional about your outcome. Being intentional is what keeps you on track towards the goal you wish to achieve.

What about you? Do you have any tips or thoughts on ways to live your life on purpose?

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  • well put Daniel…but I am a little disappointed…I really thought we were better looking 🙂

    • Haha. You certainly are the exception to the rule. : )

  • Dear Daniel,
    At any given point of time, there are a few 'responsibilities' that are our priorities. I believe living a meaningful life is living life with a sense of responsibilities.
    I give my 100% to that responsibility believing, this is why I am here.
    This has helped me to live a complete life. Today, i am a teacher and a trainer. A few years ago I was a businessman. In the future i will be setting up a school for the 'not so fortunate' children.
    Lets see after that what life wants me to do.
    Thanks for this oppoertunity.
    With love, prayers and best wishes,

  • Leetsa Podaras

    What I keep telling my students is that they should perceive their exams with positive feelings. Specifically, I tell them to take whatever they must tackle in life and turn it around to see its other side. For example, lets say someone is unemployed and hasn't been able to find a job for a year. This means they ought to take the situation as a sign to do something more for their field of work. It may be that God is sending a message to expand on one's knowledge,expertise or skills through an extra college program. Everything that comes into our lives, good and bad, has its purpose and its positive aspect. We need to be able to see beyond the immediate. I live in Greece where the entire world knows how things are, but trust me its one thing knowing and its another thing living it. I have elementary school students who have already given up on their future due to everything they hear. I feel that under these conditions BELIEVING IN THE END RESULT is ABSOLUTELY necessary accompanied with great love and appreciation for all that we are blessed to have. Thank you and please send us all your positive energy.