5 Questions with Chris Brogan (His Greatest Obstacle and Guilty Pleasure)

I’m a life long learner. I have an ongoing quest to learn, to grow, to be better (or at least smarter) tomorrow than I was today. One way that I quench that thirst is by reading blogs, newsletters and sites from those who deliver content that I find valuable. There are many (I’ll do a post with a list soon) but Chris Brogan’s blog is one that I catch almost daily.

While Chris has a great deal of influence from being a best-selling author of Trust Agents and fire hydrant of knowledge in the online marketing and social media space… what I have come to admire most is his genuineness, his perspective and how he leverages his platform for good (not just that of his own but for the good of others as well).

While I don’t know Chris on a personal level, I do know this… we need more people of influence like him. People who put people first and who use their leadership as a stewardship to benefit others. As Erwin McManus said, “The world doesn’t need better leaders, the world needs better people who lead.”

I recently had the opportunity for Chris to answer a few questions which I’m sharing with you below. I hope you’ll find them unique and his answers of value. I’m positive you’ll be surprised by his “guilty pleasure.” Pay close attention to #2. It’s a danger for us all, one that I fight as well. Enjoy!

QUESTION 1: You often get put into the “Social Media Expert” box but is that the most accurate way to describe what you do? Who is Chris Brogan these days?


Great question, as I loathe “social media expert.”

I’m an online marketing and internet business professional. My current passion is helping smaller businesses and kitchen table businesses find escape velocity from their current financial situations. I’m thinking that there are lots of people who, with a little bit more education and encouragement and accountability could really boost their earnings and change the way they do business. That business will get going more in the fall.

I’ve run New Marketing Labs since January 2009, but Colin Bower and Justin Levy and the rest of the team there are doing almost all of the heavy lifting at this point. I’m engaged and involved, but I’ve got a great team built around me. That company works for big businesses. It’s a lot of fun, and we’re creating exciting marketing projects with solid deliverables.

On top of that, I write books and blog posts. I’ve got two new books in the works, both with my co-author and friend, Julien Smith. One is kind of a follow-on to Trust Agents, and that’ll be very heavy on implementation information. The other is all about how we do human business, and should give people a lot of business motivation as well as a dose of self-improvement considerations.

Easiest way to categorize me? Online marketing and internet business professional. I guess. I just tell people I’m a typist.

QUESTION 2: What’s the biggest obstacle you’re facing right now as you step into the future of your business and your influence expands? How are you overcoming it?


Opportunities are my biggest obstacle. I have to weigh EVERYTHING. Because time is finite. I need to think better, work faster, and make lots more decisions by considering my entire plate. I’m still saying yes far too often. Every time I eat up time doing something, it’s time I can’t spend on something of value. So that’s tricky. I have so many opportunities in front of me that I risk not executing well. And execution is everything.

QUESTION 3: Do you have any specific recommendations of traffic generators that have really helped elevate the awareness of your blog over the years? Meaning… a time / example of something along the way that really took your blog traffic to the next level like a link on a major website or post that took off virally?


I’m really traffic averse, it seems. The posts that I write that have the most traffic are those that are most helpful, and/or the ones with numbers in the title. 50 whatevers for whatever and everyone comes running.

My advice for getting more traffic: comment more without spamming people with links. Be helpful. Write brief, concise, well-written posts that are helpful to others. Write with the mindset that someone has to be able to do something with your work. The rest? It sorts itself out.

QUESTION 4: What are the top 5 blogs / sites that you read most frequently?


Entrepreneur Magazine
Business Insider
Marketing Charts

QUESTION 5: Tell us something unique about you that not many other people know. Could be a passion, guilty pleasure, weird quirk, whatever.


One of my guilty pleasures is little dogs. I think Boston terriers are the funniest dogs in the world. I don’t own any. For instance, see Henry, the Roger Smith Hotel’s dog. I’m wearing my Henry’s shirt right now while I type this to you.

Yep. Little dogs. Funny.

And there you have it. 5 Question with Chris Brogan.

What about you? What blogs, newsletters or sites do you read regularly? Who inspires you and why?

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  • Hi Daniel, I'm glad to see you bringing back your blog – and appreciate your help with my book. Chris Brogan's comment that opportuntiies are obstacles is a real paradox – and I believe it was physicist Neils Bohr who said that all great wisdom is in the form of paradox. I have a sign in my office that reminds me: "The One Big YES Requires Lots of Little No's" – and the bigger that one big goal, the more often I'm going to have to say no to all the alluring little temptations to spend time, money, and energy on other things.

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  • One site that's been a lot of fun for me lately but also helpful is Mixergy.com. If you've not checked it out, go for it now…

    -Marshall Jones Jr.