A Simple but Important Life Lesson from Facebook’s IPO

Facebook was only formed 8 years ago.

It’s now making over 3.7 billion in annual revenue. Expected to raise 13+ billion in it’s IPO (depending on which report you read).

Think about it like this… in less than 8 years Facebook has changed the world.

The lesson… whatever you’re facing today, don’t give up.

If it’s a challenge you’re trying to overcome or a dream you’re trying to pursue… rise up and keep moving forward.

Everything can change in a relatively short amount of time. It may not seem like it now but looking back, it will.

Your circumstances can change and you too will change the world (at least your world) but it won’t happen by living in fear or defeat. It will only happen when you choose to seek solutions, take action and believe.

Go do that today.

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  • Great word! Reminds me of “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for” – John Shedd

  • A timely example of an a great axiom! I completely agree that one of the key factors that distinguishes the good from the great is perseverance. 

    I love how former NFL coach John Gruden used to tell his teams to “Pound the Rock.” If they kept at it, everyday, unseen micro-fissures would lead to cracks that would result in breakthrough!