As defined by, HOPE is: “To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.”

As you read this post, think of HOPE as not only something to wish for but as a way of life. HOPE is not a genie in a bottle, something for us to rub and simply have our wishes fulfilled. HOPE is the prospect of what could be. HOPE is about perspective and the ability to see a tomorrow that is brighter than today. HOPE is great for us individually but it’s best when shared.

At every moment of the day, we are either making the world a better place or making it worse. Our thoughts spread out and become contagious, either positively infecting others or unleashing a plague of negativity, doubt and fear. We have the power to help lift someone up or to bring them down. How we interact with those we meet may be the catalyst that sets someone into an emotional tailspin or the spark that provides them with encouragement and HOPE for a better day… or maybe even a better life.

Think of how many people you meet in any given day. Now imagine what would happen if your mood affected their mood. And how their mood then affected the people they meet in their day. Guess what? It does. Research proves that my good mood or my bad mood will likely spread to those I meet and create a chain reaction result.

Now imagine if your mood was positive, loving, compassionate and kind. Imagine how your encouraging words and actions could make a positive difference to so many others. Your passion and enthusiasm could spread to not only those you interact with but to countless others through their interactions as well.

Just as a flood starts with only one drop of rain… you have the power to create a world of kindness and compassion just by making simple choices each day. Your kindness will inspire others who in turn will inspire others and before you know it… a mighty movement has begun.

Now, this isn’t fake Poly-Ana, sitting around singing Kumbaya thinking… nor does it mean you have to be like Mother Teresa and make it your mission to seek out depressed people to cheer up (however if you feel called to do it then go for it). It means to simply look at every interaction you have as an opportunity to impact someone’s life in a positive way. It means to look beyond your own circumstances and consider others before yourself.

You never know who may be on the other line of the phone, who is in an elevator with you, who is sitting next to you in a lobby, who the cashier is at the store or the waitress at your table … maybe they are experiencing some type of hardship or strife in their life and could use someone to reach out to share a kind and encouraging word. Who knows, maybe one day you will be the one who needs that tender hand of comfort or gesture of patience and goodwill.

This week, be encouraged to look at every moment and every interaction with others as an opportunity to make their day and share a little HOPE. Go out of your way to share a smile, to say hello, to let someone merge into traffic in front of you, to listen to others needs, and to treat others as you would like to be treated. Help them see what could be. Help them see a tomorrow that is brighter than today.

Be a giver of HOPE.

Help Other People Everyday

How can you be a giver of Hope today?

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  • You brought back a memory from college way back when. One day I decided I would smile at everyone I met and tell all of them "Hi!"–I did this for a week. I could not believe the response I received–how individuals' expressions would lighten up. So, over the years, I have made it a point to smile at people and to greet them as often as I can.

    • That's fantastic Patricia! Love it. It's those small acts of kindness that ripple far beyond what we can see.