The Benefits of Being a Hustler

Do you want to set yourself apart? Differentiate and be known for something more? Maybe you just want to be one of the few who moves from having an idea to actually making it become a reality. If so, you might want to consider becoming a hustler.

I’m not talking about some shady guy in a trench coat standing on a corner trying to sell you an imitation watch. I’m talking about the other definition, being an enterprising person who is determined to succeed; a go-getter.

Some people are born to hustle, others learn it as they go… and many more just sit idly by.

Hustlers do things differently, they go all out. Here are 5 ways:

Hustler’s Outwork
It’s unlikely that you’ll find a hustler glued to the TV… because they’ve got more important things to do. They’re often the first to arrive and the last to leave or at least the ones who maximize their day and get more done in 4 hours than most do in 8. They’re efficient and are always looking for ways to work smarter. Oh, and they take initiative too!

They Outthink
They’re not necessarily smarter than everyone else, they just try to apply what they know. They’re not content with things just the way they are. They’re constantly striving for more (whatever more is to them).

They Outcreate
They’re not just looking for opportunities, they are creating them. Hustlers operate more in proactive mode than reactive. It’s how they get stuff done.

They Outdeliver
They go above and beyond to add value. They don’t do the minimum, they do more. More than whatever the average person is willing to do. Why? Because they’re hustlers and that’s what hustlers do.

Hustler’s Outmotivate
They don’t need someone to hold their hand. They have a strong sense of self motivation that stems from desire. A desire or a purpose to accomplish what it is they’ve set out to do. They wake up in the morning ready to take on the day, maybe not every day but at least most days.

I’m not saying everyone needs to be a hustler but if you have a goal or dream you wish to achieve, a little hustle goes a long way.

What are your thoughts on being a hustler? Any additional suggestions on how to get your hustle on?

Thanks to Brad Lomenick for inspiring this post.

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  • Excellent post, Daniel. I see this qualities in you and I know how hard you work.

    • Thanks M. My wife always asks me, "Can you ever not get into something 110%?" My answer is always NO. If I'm in then I'm all in as best I can be. Sometimes I fail but I learn and try not to repeat the same mistakes. Hustlers do that. : )

      BTW… for anyone else who reads this… being a hustler isn't just about working hard or working all the time. It's about playing hard too. Hustler's have balance and priorities.

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