Care Enough to Speak Up & Speak Truth

It’s not about being politically correct.
It’s about doing what is right and being a person of honor and integrity.

It’s not about people pleasing.
It’s about saying what needs to be said even if it creates a little friction.

It’s not about being right.
It’s about speaking truth in love, caring enough to say something when others won’t.

Don’t just tell people what they want to hear, tell them what they need to hear… even if it’s sometimes hard to say.

Be honest. Be brave. Speak up.

Not many of us want to be surrounded by “yes men.” Sure, life would seem easier some days if we were but then we’d never get better. Truth has a way of stretching us and helping us grow. Truth tugs at us, it challenges us and even though it’s frustrating… the people that care enough to speak it are those who we value most in our lives and in our careers.

And… if you’re on the other end… if someone is trying to speak truth to you… be willing to listen. The perspective of someone else who cares very well may be just what you need (even when you think you don’t need it).

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