How’s your back door?

A lot of what people perceive as “marketing” or “outreach” has to do with the initial attempt at attracting a new customer, member, etc. Money, time and resources spent on ads, PR, consultants, outreach, social media campaigns, etc… all geared towards the front door and trying to get someone to walk through it.

But effective marketing isn’t just about the front door. It’s about the back door too (and the space in between).

Are people leaving just as quickly as they are coming in?
Do you even know or are you just assuming?

Years ago one of my mentors told me, “don’t invite someone over unless your house is clean.”

The essence of what he meant was that you need to make sure that what is beyond the front door is compelling enough for people to stay. If not, you need to find out why and make sure your house is clean.

Sounds simple but far too many miss it.

So, how’s your back door? If it’s swinging wide open, you’re just spinning your wheels.

The One Secret to Truly Effective Marketing

The one secret is that there is no one secret. : )

Effective marketing is not one big thing. It’s hundreds of little things done well.

Marketing is not just the ads you place or the sales initiatives you offer… it’s the overall experience you create, which ultimately becomes what you’re known for… A.K.A., “your brand.”

It’s how your product or service delivers on the expectations you’ve created. It’s how someone is greeted when they call you on the phone. It’s how they are treated when they walk through the door. It’s how they are communicated with and how they are made to feel. It’s being there before the sale and after. It’s treating someone like they matter instead of being just another transaction. It’s choosing to set an expectation level within your organization that puts people first.

Sure, marketing includes the brochures, the logos, the social media outreach and the creative campaigns but it’s not limited to those things. You’re best marketing is the word of mouth you create by making raving fans. You can have the best logo in the world but if you don’t deliver on the promise then that logo won’t amount to much in the end.

So today… take a look around you. Make sure your marketing expands through more than just “advertising.” Look for opportunities to excel in the hundreds of little things because the little things are actually quite big.

What say you? Share your thoughts here.