Creating An Ideal Situation

If you are like me, you’ve said the following phrase plenty of times in your life…

“In an Ideal Situation we’d ______.”

Fill in the blank with whatever is missing or sought after that you think would help make something better or more functional.

In an Ideal Situation…

  • We’d have staff who were more motivated to pursue excellence on their own without being pushed.
  • We’d have all the tools necessary to complete the task with ease.
  • We’d have access to more resources (money, manpower, etc).
  • There wouldn’t be adversity to face when trying to accomplish something good.
  • Poverty wouldn’t exist.
  • No child in my local area would go to bed hungry tonight.

But here’s the thing… we’re never going to create an “Ideal Situation” if we don’t pursue it. Merely recognizing the gap that exists is a great first step but if we stop there then we’re doing little more than observing the gap in our present reality.

Only when we lean into the gap and start to make proactive choices that move us towards our Ideal Situation do we turn observation into movement and change.

Our Ideal Situation doesn’t have to be some distant fairy tale, it can be reality but only if we choose to make it so. Don’t just observe it, pursue it and make it real. It may not happen overnight but eventually, with time and persistence it just might.

What are some of your “Ideal Situations”? Things you want to change for the better? More importantly, what small steps can you start taking today to move towards those ideals becoming realities?

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  • My ideal situation both at home and at work is to have enough storage space and organizational supplies so that everything has a place. I struggle with all the stuff that I have–while I'm not a "hoarder" per se, I don't want to expend the time to organize without the necessities of good organization. Actually, I have some new supplies at home and some new shelving at school. Maybe that's enough to get me started. 🙂