Dealing with Those Who Try to Pull Us Down

News flash… there are people who disagree with you and some of them will do whatever they can to tear you down. This is especially true if what you are doing (that they disagree with) is gaining in momentum, awareness and credibility.

It’s these negative people who want to do nothing more than to draw you into confrontation. They push your buttons, toss daggers with their words, leave nasty comments on your blog and attempt to incite an emotionally charged reaction from you in order to disrupt and bump you off course.

Do you give them what they want?

Do you add fuel to the flame?

Do you react and try to prove something?

Do you let them win?

If you are doing something worthwhile, there will be those who try to stop you.

But here’s the thing… They can only win if you let them.

What you’re doing is too important to let them get you off track. Don’t.

Don’t let their antics trip you up. Don’t take their bait.

If you must respond, respond but don’t react.

Most of all… keep your vision in front of you and pursue it no matter what they say.

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