Don’t Chase Someone Else’s Success, Create Your Own

I think it’s safe to say that most of us crave more.

We have goals, ambitions and dreams that we want to achieve.

But, many times we look at the success of others and try to define our path based off of theirs.

It’s a slippery slope that starts with admiration…

“I wish I had 12 best-selling books or a top read blog like Seth Godin.”
“I wish our company was growing like these.”
“I wish I had the 71,000+ blog subscribers like Chris Brogan.”
“I wish our church was as cool and innovative as Northpoint.”
“I wish my Twitter follower count was over 93,000 like Michael Hyatt.”

…but, if we aren’t careful that admiration can turn into distraction, a perpetual sense of not measuring up, and a focus on a success that is theirs instead of our own.

We can’t measure ours by constantly comparing it to theirs.

Learning from what they’ve done is indeed helpful but constantly focusing on what they are doing (instead of what you are doing) or simply copying everything they do won’t help you achieve your success, you’ll just end up chasing theirs.

Instead you need to focus on you and being the best YOU that only YOU can be.

Do something that matters and do it better than anyone else instead of trying to do it like everyone else.

Don’t be afraid to try something new or even to fail. Failure, after all, is where true innovation comes from anyways.

Be a pioneer and become the one that everyone else looks up to instead of being the one looking up to everyone else.

You can.

It won’t happen overnight but over time, you’ll get there if you stay the course.

Question: Do you ever struggle with comparing your success with that of others? Be honest (because we all do).

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  • Great challenge Daniel. My success doesn't look like anyone elses and no ones should look like mine. We are all created to make OUR own mark.

  • Hi, Daniel.

    I like the line, "Instead you need to focus on you and being the best YOU that only YOU can be."

    I've found it really freeing to think that way, to take my focus off what other people are doing and concentrate on who I am, who God has made me to be—even if it means going relatively unnoticed by others. It's the place of true satisfaction and success.

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