Don’t let WHAT IF stop WHAT COULD

WHAT IF is one of those questions that unfortunately stops a lot of people in their tracks. I know, I used to let it stop me sometimes too.

What if it doesn’t work?
What if I fail?
What if no one else likes it?
What if I don’t have it completely figured out?

But WHAT IF should really unleash a perspective of WHAT COULD.

What if it works?
What if I make it?
What if I succeed?

The problem with WHAT IF is that it takes on the perspective from which we’re asking it. If we don’t believe in ourselves, lack confidence, or operate without a level of faith then we’ll always use WHAT IF to see the roadblocks instead of the pathways to success.

Alternatively, if we move past the fear then WHAT IF can become WHAT COULD.

Sure, failure is always a possibility and yes sometimes your pride might get a little bruised along the way but nothing worthwhile will even be created if you don’t see it for what it could be and pursue it as if it is. Don’t let fear get in the way, fear of failing or even the fear of success.

What about you? Do you use WHAT IF to see WHAT COULD?

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  • Nothing great has ever been accomplish without the risk of a big failure. Thank you for the thought.

  • Even when I am 80 I still want to believe that I am a risk taker. There is nothing worse looking back at your life and saying if only I had done that. I never want to live my life in regret that is why I make "What If" a foreign phrase to my vocabulary.

    Great post Daniel, Thanks.

  • The fear of failure often stops people from taking risks. But this fear will dissipate if we look at it not as a failure, but an opportunity to learn.

    Great post.

    – Sindoora (