Every Choice You Make Casts a Vote

It’s easy to complain about things in the world… things we say we don’t like… but our actions speak much louder than our words do, don’t they?

If we say we don’t support smutty ads on TV but then buy domain names from that very same company who is running the overly provocative ads… what are we really saying?

If we say we can’t stand it when someone treats us differently based on our position or title but then we do the very same thing to someone else… what are we really saying?

If we say we can’t stand the impact that the sexually explicit lyrics in the songs on Top 40 radio are having on our kids and future generations but then we continue to listen… what are we really saying?

See, to me, every choice we make is like casting a vote because our choices are what speak the loudest. We can complain all day long about XYZ and the decline of ___ in our society but it won’t matter until our actions line up with our words.

Every choice counts.

Cast your votes wisely.

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