Expect to Fail, Expect to Win… Either Way, You Probably Will

How we approach opportunities, obstacles, etc. in our lives and work has a lot to do with the results we achieve (or don’t).

From my experience, most people seem to approach things with the expectation of failing, getting turned down, being rejected, etc. They might not think they do but if they were honest about their approach, far more step in expecting a defeat than a win.

Maybe it’s self-doubt. Maybe it’s being rejected in the past. Maybe it’s not feeling worthy. Whatever the reason, it’s sad and it’s robbing many from what they could do or become.

Let’s frame that up with an example…

If you’re trying to convince your boss into letting you do ___ and you walk into his/her office expecting to get turned down… guess what will happen? Yep… you’ll most likely get turned down. Why? In part because your confidence, or lack thereof, comes across loud and clear. If you “expect” to be turned down then you’re likely to approach the “ask” in a timid, less prepared, lack-luster, easy to give up or give in sort of way.

But when you expect to get the “yes” or expect to win… your chances are much better that you will. Why? Because your approach changes. You enter with confidence, with optimism, with perspective and a willingness to try to overcome the objections that you might face.

You might be thinking… “Yeah yeah, I hear you and that all sounds good but you don’t know my boss. He shoots down most of my ideas so why would it be any different this time?”

Well, that may be true about your boss shooting down your previous ideas but most likely your boss is expecting you to grow and learn from the past so that you come up with better ideas, or ideas that better match your bosses direction. But in some cases your boss could just be a jerk too. : )

Either way… the past is the past and this statement remains true regardless:

“Expect to Fail, Expect to Win… Either Way, You Probably Will.” [Tweet That]

So why not expect to win?

Same goes for any other area of your life. Business, relationships, dreams, etc.

Stop saying no to yourself even before you give someone else the chance to. Step in with confidence, with passion, with belief in yourself and in your idea. IF you or your idea gets shot down today, that’s okay. That just means you need to rework it and try again later or maybe try it in a different way. Timing and approach matter.

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way.
If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse to give up. [Tweet That]

The choice of what you do is up to you.

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