Highest Traffic Blog Posts for January 2011

Here are a few of my highest traffic posts for January 2011 (based on WordPress Stats).

1. The Price of Everything: Solving the Mystery of Why We Pay What We Do

2. What can we learn from Ted Williams? The homeless man with the Golden Voice

3. Top Books Every Young Influencer / Leader Should Read

4. 25 Free eBooks & Manifestos for Business, Marketing, Blogging, Ideas, Productivity and More

5. 14 Ways to Expand Your Influence

6. Want to Know the Best Time to Tweet / Update on Twitter? Here’s How…

7. Stop Waiting for Perfection

8. Be a CEO, Create Exceptional Outcomes

9. 4 Ways to Deal with Negativity, Pessimism and Chronic Complaining

10. Prepare to Win

11. 5 Ways to Get More Done

Question: If you blog, what were some of your top traffic posts?

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  • Thanks for the tip on whentotweet.com—that's pretty cool!

    My best post last month was one I wrote over a year ago: "Leadership Lessons from Watching Football" ( http://geoffreywebb.wordpress…./ ). It always gets a lot of traffic during football season—all the more during the playoffs!

    • Amazing how some of the older posts keep bringing the traffic. Shows that good posts build over time.