How Often Should You Blog? The Answer…

To blog or not to blog (and how often).

That is the question.

Well, gather round the crystal blogging ball as the answer is revealed…

“You should blog __ times per week.”

Not the answer you want, right? But it’s the answer we seek… someone to tell us specifically what that blank “__” should be. That magic formula for blogging success.

Well, there is an answer but it’s not quite that simple.

It’s different for each of us.

Why? Because we are different, what we’re trying to say is different, our audiences are different and our goals are different as well.

What might work for you might not work for me.

There is, however, a way to find the winning frequency that is a custom fit for you.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into the frequency of blogging and how it impacts traffic. Tests of my own and looking at the posting patterns of some of the most successful bloggers (as ranked by their traffic and RSS subscriber counts).

One thing is clear. Almost all top ranked blogs have a high rate of frequency. Meaning, they post multiple times per week, some even multiple times per day but it varies.

In an internal test on my own blog, I saw a significant uptick in traffic when I posted daily versus posting 2 times per week (and I’ve talked to many others who have experienced results much the same).

It might sound odd to some new bloggers out there (because you might assume people are already bombarded with too much info) but the trends and the stats don’t lie.

Now let me add something here… what you can’t ignore in any attempt to dissect successful blogging is content. Content, above all, drives traffic so without good content the frequency of the posts has little residual impact.

While posting frequency shows to have a direct correlation with traffic, you must find the right balance that works for you. You can’t undercut quality in an attempt to focus on quantity but you also can’t let the myth of perfection slow you down.

So what should you do? How do you determine the posting frequency that works best for you? Here’s my suggestions:

1. Assess your goals. Why do you blog? What do you want to accomplish? Do you have blogging goals written down? If not, then start there. If you do, revisit them and keep them visible. Knowing where you want to go helps you figure out how to get there.

2. Test. Take a week and post 2-3 times. Then the next week post every day. Then the week after post 2-3 times. Then the week after that post every day. Try this cycle for a few weeks and then look back at your stats. See any patterns in traffic? It’s important to test it more than just one week so that you can give it an accurate shake just in case you had a hot post one week that took off and skewed results.

3. Find your groove. Once you test and know the answer then you can work to find a balance that fits how frequently you can write and how frequently you WANT to post. If you saw that posting 5x per week increased your traffic but you can only successfully crank out 2 posts then you have to work towards posting more or just be okay with what you can do. (Hint: A path to success could be creating draft articles when you have time so that you build up a bank of articles to post even when you don’t have time… that’s what the big boys and girls do).

It’s not an exact science but with a little time and effort you can find the sweet spot that will help your blog succeed.

Question: How has the frequency of your posting impacted your blog?

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  • This is an interesting topic to me. I'm relatively new to blogging. I've been blogging for a year, but only seriously for the past 3-4 months. And so I'm not sure what my goals are just yet. I'm still defining them. Right now, I'm posting 4-5 times per week. Sometimes that's easy to do, and sometimes my schedule is much tighter and it's hard to find time to write.

    I have noticed however, that since I started posting on a regular schedule, my site stats have jumped. I always post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, depending on my category. Sticking to this schedule has helped, it seems.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

    • Kudos to you for staying with it and at least recognizing patterns. That will certainly help you as you go. Determining your blogging goals is important though. It will help you make sense of your stats and know if you are making progress towards your goal. Your goal might be as simple as simply sharing ideas but even then, having a goal or metric to measure against will help you make sure you are investing your time in the most fruitful ways.

      • Yeah…. I'm working on that. Being new at this, really, I'm finding that I kinda went in the back door. I started blogging and now I'm trying to make sure I'm doing it right.

        What are your stated goals for this blog? Could you share those?

        • My goals with this blog are:
          1. Better develop my commitment to writing on a regular basis (better shaping my writing voice).
          2. Share ideas and create interactions that build conversations with others who are interested in the same things.
          3. Testing ground to try out a few things that I implement elsewhere.

          The hard thing when you have a "personal" blog such as mine is that it's not usually as focused on a specific theme or topic as it could be. Harder to build an audience because of that (unless you are already well known for a specific thing). I am fully aware of that thus not really pushing to GROW this blog. If it happens organically, great. If not, no biggie as it's not a place I am trying to GROW with real growth or monetization goals in mind. I have other blogs launching on particular topics for that kind of goal. (Example: Easier to have a blog called that is all about writing content and build a following around that versus having a blog called and trying to build a following around writing content). Eventually it shifts though as visibility builds.

          • My site is a personal blog as well. And my goals, such as they are at this point, are similar to your first couple, as well as to get my name out there in the niches that I choose to write in. I think my goals are pretty vague at this point, but as I progress, I'm defining them more and m ore. Thanks for sharing!

          • I think this is a strategy that is often not looked upon highly, but I think it is quite worthy. For those that don't have a specific aim, (initially), in their blog, it is good to just start writing! Get into the habit of crafting thoughts and posting them to the web. I think, eventually, for those that didn't have a direction from the outset, they will begin to gravitate towards writing about a certain topic and because they already were in the habit of writing daily (or semi-daily), it is easier to stay in that flow of writing.

            With Love and Gratitude,


          • I agree. Now that I've been writing for several months, I've seen myself trending toward certain topics.

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  • I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems? A couple of my blog audience have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

  • While posting frequency shows to have a direct correlation with traffic, you must find the right balance that works for you.