How to Achieve the Success of Others

We all do it. We see someone else who has a level of success that we admire and we want that same success for ourselves.

  • “If his book can become a bestseller, mine should be too!”
  • “If she can get on Fox News to talk about her initiative, I should be able to get on as well!”
  • “If his blog is getting tons of traffic, so should mine!”
  • “If she has 20k followers on Twitter or Facebook, so should I!”
  • “If he is writing all kinds of guest posts and articles that are being posted all over the web, my articles should be too!”

Sometimes we even discount them as if their stuff isn’t as good as our stuff. You know what I’m saying, it’s what happens when we find ourselves making little snide comments but really we’re just trying to justify that we think we deserve more. But, it’s not a question of being better or whose material is superior… it’s a question of doing the work that it takes to get to the level of success you want.

Don’t get me wrong, content is the foundation. If your content (or product / service) stinks then you’ve disqualified yourself from the beginning but content is also very subjective so it’s sometimes hard to gauge.

What we often forget though is the amount of work that someone put in to get to where we see them today.

Chris Brogan‘s blog didn’t magically shoot to the top rankings of blogs on the internet. Neither did Seth Godin‘s. Both Chris and Seth have been blogging for YEARS and years (before blogging was cool). They have stellar content and  have learned to refine and steadily built along the way.

There are, however, plenty of people who indeed do have sub-par content but they achieve success by working it with extreme tenacity and zest. Hard work pays.

Several of the best-selling books you see did not make the lists on their own by some random chance, they entered into a 6-8 month pre-launch strategy that comprised of a strategic pre-sale campaign and fully coordinated launch that included publicity, interviews, major leveraged deals, etc.

That guy with the killer website… he didn’t build it himself. He hired the best team and he plopped down $10,000+ to get his site build in a way that makes you drool.

The all-star writer that has articles popping up all over the net, he’s spending hours upon hours writing and reaching out. His articles aren’t getting picked up by themselves. He’s proactively going after the mediums he wants to pursue. He’s personally making phone calls, sending emails and doing whatever he can to create the relationships that give him and “in.” — > Notice I italicized “personally” above? That is because you need to know that you can’t always have someone else doing your work for you. You need to do some yourself and contribute, especially where relationships are concerned.

My point is that what you see is merely the culmination of their work. You see the results and the results are what you want…. but… you can’t skip the work that it takes to get there.

Don’t get discouraged when you aren’t getting the results you’d like… yet. Just keeping working. Keep plowing away and you’ll get there. Don’t be like so many others and give up just before success occurs. It’s coming… but only for those who are willing to work hard enough and long enough to achieve it. It’s often much closer than you think.

And one last thing… don’t try to copy the success of others. Use it as a guide or inspiration that gives you something to shoot for but Create Your Own! If you’re always focused on theirs, you’ll never be able to focus on yours and without focus… it won’t happen.

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