Use Simplicity to Make Your Message Stick

If you want to be effective at communication, you must master the art of Simplicity.

Oh, and let’s clarify what “effective” at communication means. It’s not just being heard but being understood that counts. When what we’re saying is understood, it’s often retained.

The ability for someone to retain / recall what was said is what you really want when you communicate. Right? After all, if they don’t retain it then they won’t learn from it or act upon it.

Simple isn’t simplistic though. In fact, it’s quite hard (at least for most of us).

Simple is clear. It’s concise. It gets to the point and strips away all the clutter that gets in the way of the core message being shared. It’s what happens when we prune things back to focus on 1 main point versus trying to communicate 8 different things at once (thus confusing people, loosing focus and ultimately being ineffective with what we really had to say).

Why is Simplicity so important?

Because we’re competing.

Competing with the noise and constant barrage of distractions and messages being tossed at people every given day.

Attention spans are shorter and your window of opportunity is as well.

If you want to be break through then you need your message to stick.

How do you do it?

You start by taking a good, objective look at your message and cutting the fluff (that’s the hardest part because “fluff” is subjective). Make certain that your points are clear, that you are not introducing analogies or stories unless they reinforce the main point, and that your message considers your audience most. What is the ONE THING you want them to retain? Reinforce that. Build your message around it and scrap anything that draws the attention away.

What are your thoughts about Simplicity and Making Your Message Stick?

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  • Litsa Podaras

    This is a signigicant point my teachers made in high school when teaching us how to write essays. As an English teacher to foreign students, it is quite necessary for me to be simple and on the point. As adults, we tend to ramble on and often lose the main idea or even forget what we actually meant to say. Your message was absolutely Spot On.