I Wish They’d Just Own It

That’s what a colleague of mine said yesterday as we were talking about members of his team and how they handle their individual responsibilities and contribution to the collective whole.

“I wish they’d just own it.”

Have you ever found yourself saying the same thing? Wishing the members of your team or those you lead would take more ownership in their role? Making better decisions independently, moving the ball forward as if the ball was really theirs, not always having to be hand fed and leash led?

It’s a challenge many leaders and organizations face, regardless of their size or complexity. It’s getting people to step up and go beyond just the bare minimum.

But how do you do it?

You create a Culture of Ownership, one where your employees show up at work for more than just a paycheck. A culture where they see themselves as partners in the enterprise…a partner that contributes more and performs at a higher level.

Thankfully I had a resource to give to my colleague that would help him turn his problem into a solution.

My friend Joe Tye just released a new book on this very subject. It’s called All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership, and it’s available here along with a special offer for downloadable bonus resources from Joe and other best-selling authors.

Joe sets the book up like this…

No one ever changes the oil in a rental car. Why?
Because they don’t own it. Why invest in something that you don’t own?

What about your staff or those you lead? Do they own their work, or are they just renting space on the organization chart?

I really enjoyed the book because it’s about creating a sustainable advantage through people. Your people are your greatest asset. Anything you can do to build them up and empower them is a win as it contributes to long-term, residual growth and impact. This matters regardless of your industry, for-profit or non-profit status, or if you are a church or a Fortune 500 organization.

All Hands on Deck by Joe TyeAll Hands on Deck provides a roadmap of action steps that you can take to build that culture of ownership on a foundation of value. More than just the wisdom Joe has learned through his years of practicing leadership, which is enough in and of itself, the book also includes best practices from legendary business leaders such as Henry Ford, Tom Watson, General Robert Wood Johnson, Ray Kroc, Mary Kay Ash and many more.

I’d highly recommend picking up copies for yourself and for your team.

Go here to learn more and to take advantage of the downloadable resources from Joe and other best-selling authors.

Does your organization instill a culture of ownership? What ideas do you have that could help empower others to step up and contribute more?

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