Increase Facebook Interactions and Engagement with this Simple Tool

The key to success on Facebook, and in any form of social media or marketing for that matter, is engagement. For it to work the best that it can you must figure out how to interact and keep your followers attention.

One simple and great way to do that on Facebook is with the new Facebook QUESTION feature.

Facebook released it recently after nearly a year of beta testing. The new version of Questions takes the focus off public inquiries (a service already dominated by Q&A sites like Quora) and instead focuses on soliciting recommendations from friends. You can read more about its release and a few details around it here.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Look at the STATUS update area and you’ll see QUESTION. Click it.

Facebook Questions Tool Feature

2. Once you click it, it will expand and you will have the option to post a simple question or you can post a multi question poll. Personally I think the poll function is a great option to use but either one work.

Facebook Poll

Facebook Questions Poll

3. Pose an engaging question that you think more of your readers will interact with, press the ASK QUESTION button and you’re done (sample below was a quick test via my personal FB page, 3 people responded instantly).

Ask a Question

Like I said, it’s simple but it’s a great way to increase interactions and engagement on Facebook (especially for those who have Facebook Pages, where engagement is like gold).

Note: How the QUESTION feature shows up on a PAGE news feed versus a PROFILE is a bit different (from what I can tell). On a PROFILE it shows the question / poll expanded as I have shown above. On a PAGE it just lists a link to the question. Hopefully Facebook enables PAGES to show the expanded view as well as I think that would make it more interactive on PAGES. Good post on it here and another one from Hyperarts here. Here’s a screen shot of how it’s showing up on a PAGE.

Facebook Christian Leadership

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  • Just tried it. Awesome. Thanks bro

  • I had seen this "Questions" tab on profiles, but I just assumed it was another application (and I wasn't interested in another application). It's good to know that this is actually part of facebook — I'm much more apt to use it — especially considering how advantageous it could be for "marketing" purposes.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  • Mac

    Hi Daniel.

    Excellent post, and instruction.

    I also think that Facebook's new commenting system is a big leap forward for bloggers. Apart from keeping the dreaded spammers at bay, it also makes 'viral' any comment that a reader leaves on your blog. This has taken me by surprise, as so many seem to be willing to interact with the system. You can see it working well at:

    The number of comments and their 'virality' has been most welcome.

    Thanks again, Daniel.