How to Get What You Want: Stop Saying No for Other People

You know what one of the biggest limiting factors of success is?

Ourselves. Our self-doubt, our fear.

It paralyzes many of us and leaves us stuck. I’ve been there many times myself. We all struggle with it.

The fear of rejection is one of those fears that stops many of us from getting what we really want… simply because we’re afraid to ask for it.

  • He’s too busy.
  • She’d never date someone like me.
  • Who am I? Why would they say yes to little ole me?

These are just a few of the lies we tell ourselves. Lies that are really just excuses to help us avoid that fear of being rejected.

But here’s the thing…

You’ll Never Get What You Want Unless You Ask [Tweet That]

I remember several years ago when I was first starting out in my business… there was a big-time leader / influencer that I wanted to be a part of a project I was working on. I debated about it for a few days and remember thinking, “Why even bother, I’m sure he’s too busy or wouldn’t do it because I can’t pay a fee.” I almost moved on but decided I would reach out anyways. After all, the worst he could say to my request was NO, right? I finally pulled the trigger by sending an email and making a phone call. To my surprise, he responded within hours saying that he would love to help. Fast forward and that influencer and I are now good friends and have done several other projects together but… none of that would have happened had I let my fear of rejection say NO for him without asking and giving him the chance to speak (and actually say yes).

What about you? What do you want that you haven’t asked for yet? What possible rejection are you letting fear make you avoid? Who are you saying NO for without even giving them a chance to say it themselves (because they might surprise you with a YES)?

Maybe you want:

  • to have someone endorse your book.
  • to interview someone for your blog, podcast or newsletter.
  • to ask someone on a date.
  • to get some advice from someone.
  • to get X company to sponsor your event, nonprofit or initiative.
  • to be interviewed on someone’s podcast, show, etc.
  • to gain more visibility and share a guest post or article on someone else’s blog.

Just ask.

They could say no but then again… they might say YES!


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