Just Because You Build It, It Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

So you have an idea, a book concept, a product, or a vision that you feel compelled to share with the world. But herein lies the problem… simply having the idea, product or vision alone won’t get you very far.

There are a lot of really great ideas and really great products that never see the light of day or go on to reach very many people. It’s not because they weren’t good enough, it’s more so because no one knew about them.

Many have been duped by the Field of Dreams mentality. While it may have worked for Kevin Costner to “Build It and They Will Come,” it doesn’t quite work that way for most of the rest of us.

Let’s take a practical example with blogs. Blogs are like idea engines. They enable you and me to share our thoughts with others and hopefully cast a net of influence. Let’s be honest though, if you blog then you want people to read what you have to say and hopefully share it with others.

Here’s the clincher… simply posting a great post won’t do it alone. You can build it by having the right foundation (WordPress for example) and by installing the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins, Social Media “Share This” links, Facebook “Like” buttons, etc but those things by themselves won’t give you the exposure you need to be heard by any real mass of people.

There’s simply too much competition out there. Too much noise and too many distractions seeking the attention of others. Very rarely are they seeking you out.

That’s where marketing comes in. If you want to be heard, you have to reach out. You can’t just build it and let it sit. You must proactively network, promote and share. And when I say share, I mean beyond your sphere of influence. You have to tap into the platforms and networks that are larger than your own. It doesn’t mean you need to sell your soul or go cheesy infomercial style or anything, it just means you have to break through the clutter by doing the things that will get people to notice. It means actively pursuing opportunities for your voice to be amplified or your idea to be shared with others. If you believe in what you are doing enough to build it then you should believe in it enough to tell others about it and utilize all the tools available to do just that.

The beauty is that as you begin to gain more momentum, the engine will begin to feed itself. Think: Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.

How do you do it? Well, it depends on the idea, product, book, or vision. Each will carry its own unique opportunity and way to get it known. The most important thing is to do something.

Let me give you one quick example. I had a post a few weeks ago on 14 Ways to Expand Your Influence. Alone on my blog the post received a fair amount of traffic. I could have been okay with that and just let it be but why limit it? So, I reached out to a site I like called Dumb Little Man: Tips for Life and asked them to share the post with their readers. They did and since Dumb Little Man has far more traffic than my blog does, when they linked back to me my traffic soared. Not only did the post get far more exposure this way, I picked up many new readers, RSS subscribers, etc. My voice and the idea that I was trying to share was elevated.

Had I sat idle and let the post sit without reaching out, it would have never influenced as many as it has.

It’s not complicated. It just requires a little thought, effort and outreach. Many of these things you can do with just the investment of time but in some cases advertising and more strategic uses of resources will apply.

You can do it. Start now.


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  • Great post with such helpful info for new “lil bloggers” like me!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


    • Thanks Carolyn. Glad to help. We\’re all \”lil bloggers\”… 🙂