Leader Lesson: How to Go from “Bud” to Boss

It’s an inevitable problem that many of us face as we move up the ranks in our career. It’s the point when we go from “bud” to boss. That fork in the road, so to speak, when we get the promotion that moves us from a peer position to one of more accountability and intentional leadership.

It’s an awkward place to be for some and the transition can be tough when we have to lead our friends.

But here’s the thing. Your successful mastery of this change matters not only for your success but for their success as well. If you can’t rise up and effectively step into the role… you’ll fail and so will they.

You don’t want that to happen, no one does.

That’s why I’m glad that my friend Kevin Eikenberry has tackled this issue head on in his newly release book From Bud to Boss: Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership. Kevin, and co-author Guy Harris, have done a masterful job at showing how to overcome the transition and not only succeed but thrive.

It’s a book that pulls from the best leadership and management thinking and puts the focus on the difficulties that new leaders face. It’s packed with practical information for those who must supervise friends and former peers and it’s a great “How To” in equipping you with lessons on adopting the mindset of a leader (which includes effectively communicating change, giving feedback, coaching employees, leading productive teams, and achieving goals).

You can pickup the book at Amazon or wherever books are sold and for a limited time Kevin has a special bonus gift offer available on www.frombudtoboss.com

Question: Have you ever moved from Bud to Boss? How did it go? What did you learn?

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  • Thanks for the post. From Bud To Boss not only sounds like an interesting read, but a critical one for those that are new to management. I’ve run across a few people (OK.. more than a few people) who were promoted to management just because they were the smartest individual contributor on the team (not because they showed they could manage). A resource like this book would be perfect.

  • Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for posting this.
    I've read many posts and articles guiding people through a transition from 'boss to bud' (something that is essential in today's age). But there are hardly any guidelines on how to go from 'bud to boss'. Its a hard transition and I'm glad someone has finally got down to putting down some guidelines.

    – Sindoora (http://www.beyondhorizons.in)