Life and The Power to Choose

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Our lives are determined by the sum of our choices.

Sure, some of us are born into or experience circumstances that offer advantages or disadvantages but the path to who we are and who we become is determined by the choices that we make.

There are many though who think they don’t have a choice.

Maybe it’s a job that makes them unhappy or living paycheck to paycheck and barely paying the bills. Their circumstances beat them down every day, making them feel stuck without much hope.

But, that too is a choice.

It’s the choice to accept the situation as a permanent reality instead of seeing it as a temporary circumstance to overcome. It’s what happens when they believe the lies that they tell themselves (I’m not good enough, I can’t, I don’t have the ___, etc) and then begin to THINK there is no way out.

But, there is. If only they made the choice to see it and pursue it.

Then there are those scenarios when things happen that are indeed out of our control. Getting laid off or finding out someone close to you passed away or discovering some news that just rocks your world in a negative way.

What then?

That too is about choice. No, you didn’t choose for it happen and no choice of yours made it so, but how you respond to it IS your choice. And the choice you make in that response will determine if your future rebounds from it.

Every choice has an outcome or a consequence that influences our direction and perspective on life.

Our choices matter and you have The Power to Choose.

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