Almost everyone I know, me included, normally drives 5 MPH over the posted speed limit.

Do you? Have you ever wondered why that is?

Is it because we like to break the rules? Is it because it’s become an accepted behavior, since everyone else does it? Maybe it’s just that we don’t like to get passed by someone going faster than we are. Or, maybe we just like to push the limit a little further than what the limit is supposed to be.

I’m not sure but I do wonder this… what if we lived and worked like we drove?

What if we made it a regular occurrence to push the limit… to drive even 5 MPH over what is expected? 5 MPH on the road isn’t really “speeding” we tell ourselves, it’s just doing a little more than what we’re supposed to.

Can you imagine what our lives and our work might look like if we did “just a little more” than what we were supposed to? What about our co-workers and our friends? What if we inspired them to do just a little more as well?

On the road of life we have a choice. We can choose to merely get by, cruising under the limit or doing the limit and nothing else…. Or we can do just a little more and exceed all expectations.

We can choose to add more value to others, we can contribute more at work without being asked, we can uplift more and we can inspire greatness in those around us.

It really boils down to that choice. Which one will you make?

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  • I was just thinking this same thought as I was driving yesterday. Love your insight. Also thinkging about how dangerous it is for ALL the drivers when someone chooses to drive WAY UNDER the speed limit. …

  • I do try to keep right at the speed limit, just as I always wear my seat belt. As far as my work is concerned, my ultimate goal is to please my Father, so I try to give as much effort as I can.

  • decidere

    My boss always talks about how he sets his cruise control to 5 miles over the speed limit. You're right on with the question "What if we lived this way?"or worked this way?

    Thanks -Milton

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  • Great post, Daniel.

    I've been told I push the limit when I go on my infamous "70-blog-commenting-sprees". Yeah, I could easily comment on 10 blogs and call it a day, but I like to get the maximum potential out of everything.

    Great post, once again!

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