Making Money Off of Knowledge, How to Monetize Ideas

This is a post about capitalizing on the ideas and the information that you know. A post for those who might be out of work, under employed, or those looking to start a business or just increase the yield of the one they already have.

In the information age, information sells… people are looking for ways to be more productive, create a better life, get ahead, improve their business or even start one. Because of that, if you have knowledge in any given area that is helpful to someone else… you can turn that knowledge into profit.

But here’s the thing… I’ve found that you need to start with HELPFUL before PROFIT in order to create any real success and impact. If you’re only motive is money then you’re true intentions will shine through and you won’t deliver the full value of what others expect or deserve. Starting with HELPFUL gives you a solid foundation to match your knowledge with the potential benefit to those who need it or who can use it most.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, selling an ebook on How to Use Guest Blogging to Build Traffic or How to Write a Winning Book Proposal, developing resources to Help Leaders Effectively Lead and Invest in Their Teams, or teaching others How to Profit from Using Web Video… The possibilities are endless, IF you can see the opportunities and package your ideas in a way that others can use and are willing to invest in.

Take Chris Brogan for example… he recently launched a Blog Topics service where he is sharing 10 blog prompts (ideas to write about) each week for those who subscribe. It includes some additional insights and gems too on better blogging. In just a few short weeks he has over 250 people paying $9.97 per month. I’ll save you from doing the math but that’s $2492.50 in revenue, likely recurring, simply based on Chris sharing HELPFUL ideas (via email).

Helpful leads to Profit (because he put a price on it). See how it works? Now, Chris has established success as a blogger and writer so his prompts carry a level of credibility that you or I might not but that’s irrelevant to the main point of this post.

The take-away here is that if you have a HELPFUL idea, you can turn it into income. And, you don’t need a massive platform to do it, although you do need to be willing to work hard and get your product known by those who can use it.

It starts by believing in yourself and the value of what it is you have to share.

Once you get over that hurdle, the tangibles of “How To Package _(it)_” and “How to Promote _(it)_” are a Google search away.

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