How to Use a Membership Site to Help More People, Scale Yourself and Create Recurring Income

How would you like to…

  • Help More People in a Greater Way
  • Scale Yourself (Work Smarter and Create More Margin in Your Life)
  • Generate Recurring Income

I’m not psychic but I’d be willing to bet that you said YES to at least one, if not all of those points.

If that is the case, a membership site may be the answer you seek.

As part of the Author Platform Summit I had the opportunity to interview my friend Stu McLaren about the benefits of creating a membership site.

Stu is the founder of Wishlist Member, the premier membership site solutions available today. It now powers over 50,000 sites and growing. It’s what people like Michael Hyatt use for Platform University and Jeff Goins use for Tribe Writers.

In this 15 minute interview Stu shares some very insightful tactics as well as perspective on the value of membership sites. It’s the kind of thinking that could revolutionize your approach… and your impact.

At the end of the video Stu also shares a great piece of advice for building a platform. In fact, it’s one of those pieces of advice that you must follow if you want to really stand out and be successful.

Watch Below or Here

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Download the Transcripts of this interview here.

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