Famous Failures

Failure and Success have something in common, it’s called Risk. Actually Failure and Success are just outcomes of Risk but we tend to look at Risk more associated with Failure than Success. You can’t have one without the other.

Whenever I think of Failure and Success, I remind myself of people like Michael Jordan who, when cut from his High School basketball team, went home and cried but as we know, later went on to become arguably one of the best NBA players in history. Or Walt Disney who was once fired from a newspaper that though he “lacked creativity.”

If either one of these individuals had let their defeat stop them from risking then they never would have been able to realize their true potential and purpose.

I hope you won’t stop either.

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Perspective is Reality

How we think determines who we are. It guides us, shapes us and it is what forms our individual perspective of the world in which we live. What we seek is what we find and when we seek to find the good in all that is around us, we will significantly improve our health, happiness and quality of life.

Seeing the good does not mean ignoring the bad or putting on a fake smile, pretending bad things don’t exist. It means looking past each individual circumstance and trusting that negative events are often blessings in disguise. It means recognizing that many of the things we allow to burden our lives are self inflicted concerns that, in the larger scheme of things, are not worth worrying about in the first place.

Perspective is reality. What do you see?

The Power of One

There is no shortage of stories about how one person, one moment, one action, or one word can make an enormous difference in the world. And yet for many people – with the demands of work and home, the increasing pace of life, and the scope of issues going on in the world – it can easily make us question just how much difference one person can make.

Through our own fears and doubts, we can begin to create a false sense of insignificance in our lives. Our routines, responsibilities and disappointments tend to beat us up over the years and cloud our vision for just how significant we really are. Many of us spend so much time running through the motions, searching for “purpose” or to find a “calling” that we often focus too much on “searching” and not enough on “doing.” Can you relate?

It’s almost like we’re looking for a manual to reveal a plan for our lives. While I believe the manual does exist, many times we ignore it… wanting to create our own life plan instead of recognizing the opportunities set in front of us every day.

God has blessed each one of us with unique talents and abilities but we must put those talents to use. We need to take action, to step out in faith and allow God to use and develop our gifts to serve a purpose greater than our own. It comes down to a matter of faith + action.

Don’t let the size of the difference stop you. Many times we can tend to become apathetic to solutions because the problem seems too great to be solved by one person alone. This is again where faith and action come in. What may appear impossible for you alone is quite possible if you rely on God to see you through. All too often, we think we have to do something HUGE to make a difference but in reality it is often the smaller things that lead to greatness.

Like a rock tossed into a pond, the ripples of one act can stretch out beyond our wildest dreams… but none of that will happen if you don’t have the faith to first toss the rock.

Be reminded of this… one person can make a lot of difference. Any one of us can be the person who does, the leader who does, the entrepreneur who does, the writer who does, and so on. There are many ways, all within our reach. It just begins with a conscious choice to make a positive impact, to trust in God and to take action. It all unfolds from there.

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