How This Guy Generated $211,247 from Podcasting Last Month

That was not a typo in the title of this post.

Yes, it did read $211,247 last MONTH… (see the income report here). To be fair, not 100% of the revenue was directly from the podcast (like coaching, affiliate income, etc.) but the overall revenue was basically a result of his amazingly popular podcast.

Who is it? John Lee Dumas from EntrepreneurOnFire (

EntrepreneurOnFire is a business podcast that interviews today’s most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. EntrepreneurOnFire is a top 10 business podcast generating over 150,000 unique downloads a month in over 140 countries, and his lineup includes Barbara Corcoran, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, and hundreds more.

But here’s the kicker…

John didn’t even launch EntrepreneurOnFire until September of 2012. That’s not even a full 2 years ago. In the first 365 days from it launching, EOFire did $84,623.11 in revenue but by September 2013 (just a year after launching), John was generating over $51,000 PER MONTH and has continued to grow and eclipse that monthly (as you can now see from the $211,247 month he had last month).

I don’t know about you but that’s some serious revenue and John has his podcast to thank.

It’s not just about the money…

While I doubt anyone reading this would have an objection to generating that kind of income, the BIGGER perspective is the impact that John is being able to make. With over 150,000 unique downloads per month, John’s message is equipping and inspiring entrepreneurs all over the world and opening doors of opportunity and influence in powerful ways.

You can watch a 15 minute interview I did with John Lee Dumas here. In it he talks about the growth of EOFIRE and gives some valuable advice on marketing and expanding your brand.

Imagine if you could have that same type of impact. (P.S., You can!)

The moral to this story…

Podcasting is legit. : )

Seriously though, it is a great vehicle to reach people and to utilize it to grow a business (or spread ideas).

Pat Flynn with talks about the benefits of his podcast all the time and how it is a big contributor to new people finding him. His experience is echoed by many.

If you aren’t podcasting yet, it’s something to consider as you build your platform and expand your impact. Again, it’s not just about the revenue potential (although that is nice), it’s also about the reach potential… and the opportunity to reach people via a different medium.

A few podcasting resources to check out…

A few of my fav podcasts right now…

I love listening to podcasts when I’m on my morning run or when I have extended time in the car. They create little learning lab opportunities for me. Here are a few of the podcasts I’m listening to now:

There are more but these are a few of the top for right now. I also listen to several pastors and sermon messages via podcasts.

What about you? Do you have a podcast? Have you thought about starting one? Do you listen to podcasts? If so, who are a few of your top right now? Comment below.

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  • WOW, great article and thank you for the kind mention…I am honored Daniel!

    • John bringing the goods! Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Just giving props where props are due. : )Thanks for all you do John.

    • Carrie Wilkerson

      I’ve been under a rock and just discovered John a few weeks ago. (I know, I know) — Great stuff for the entrep community at large!!

      • He’s pretty swell and I love how organized he is (batching and process wise to accomplish what he does).

        • Carrie Wilkerson

          great share!! I’m super careful about who I follow or endorse…thanks for this 😉

  • I remember John’s first interview with Pat Flynn. He has come such a long way! It’s inspiring to see that people really can generate revenue from podcasting, coaching and selling products. I don’t have a full blown podcast yet, but I have tried my hand at audio tips with the Two Sides of Intention clip on my website. I plan to go on iTunes next year after I have some more blog posts and recording under my belt. One of John’s tips is to upload three episodes the first time out and have some ready for the following week. I want to make sure I do that.

    • Awesome Michelle. I think one of the things to note about John too is that it’s not just the podcasting (utility) that has helped him succeed, it’s the hustle and creativity he put into it as well. Anyone can start a podcast but John did something different… he went to a 7 day a week format when others told him he was crazy to do so. He also has masterfully integrated sponsors and created products that are a fit for his audience. It’s a great combination that is working well for him.

  • Kendra Fletcher

    Love this! Thanks, Daniel. I was just listening to Michael Hyatt’s this week and will have to check out the others on your list.

    We have a small niche podcast that has begun to catch the attention of our greater market. Personal connections have been super important – as always, relationship building and great content trump pretty nearly everything else we’ve tried.