Possibility Thinkers

The world needs more of them.

People who…

  • Dream about what could be instead of settling for what is.
  • Look for solutions, not because solutions are easy (they’re not) but because solutions make things better.
  • Seek out  a “yes” instead of being shut down by the first “no.”
  • Don’t sit around complaining but instead get up and choose to make a difference.
  • Proactively contribute without always being prodded or asked to (because they see something bigger and know that their contribution matters).

Possibility Thinkers…

Imagine what the world would look like with more of them.

Imagine what your organization would be like if you fostered environments that nurtured them.

Can you see the possibilities?

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  • Mike Pilliod


    There are way too many people who get their proverbial panties in a wad, so to speak, and quit looking for a "taker" to a solid idea. The marketplace of ideas is where things get done. I think there are actually a lot more people who are better at the details than there are about coming up with possibilities.

  • At our org, we sometimes "label" these people as those who have a "yes" in their heart — a willingness to find a way to make something work. Another word for these might be "visionaries." And yes, we need more of them.