Quality vs Quantity and The Pursuit of More

We’re always trying to accumulate more… aren’t we?

It’s especially true where Social Media and building a following are concerned.

A simple Google search is a great example…
“How to get more followers on Twitter” has about 42,400,000 results.
“How to get more fans on Facebook” has about 70,000,000 results.

It goes way beyond the online world too. The pursuit of more invades our daily lives and workplaces. More customers, more attendees, more members, more believers, etc.

We’re conditioned to think that MORE is better… but is it?

MORE is not the problem, it’s the emphasis we can tend to place on it that is. It’s the danger that lurks when we start to focus on QUANTITY instead of QUALITY.

It’s what happens when we start to seek the numbers instead of focusing on giving value to those who we already have.

Ben Arment had a great post on a related topic as well (140 Character Friendships).

You see, it’s easy to get fixated on growing wide but in the process fail to go deep. It’s when we go deep that we are truly able to make a difference.

“Why do I want MORE?”

That is a question we all need to ask ourselves…. and be honest about the response. What are our motives? Is it because MORE makes us feel important? Is it because we associate higher numbers with greater impact? Is it because we’ve got something to prove or we’re trying to impress?

Or… is it that we genuinely want to make a difference and see MORE as a way to do that?

Perhaps another way to frame the question is this…

Is the pursuit of MORE about us… or is it about them?

Knowing the answer means a lot. It can be the difference between searching Google for “How to Get ____” and “How to Give ____.”

Because…. when it’s about them it’s not about you.

When we learn to better master that, our influence grows (and so does our MORE as a result).

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  • I've always used this idea to discuss blog commenting and guest posting. There's no point on commenting MORE if you're getting bad quality traffic. There's no point in finding 100 places to guest post if your bounce rate in a million %.

    • Indeed. Finding that sweet spot is the goal. Thanks for stopping by Graham.

  • artiedavis

    Absolutely straight on Daniel. Love this post bro. It really helps to clarify the question all of us have to ask, and not be afraid to answer honestly.

    • Thanks Artie. Being honest with ourselves on our own motives is sometimes tricky but absolutely needed if we are to be truly effective.

    • I agree Artie.

  • Excellent post! I find myself caught in that question often. I'm working at building a platform but I don't want to grow just for the sake of growth. I want to contribute value to my readers. Often I feel pushed to increase my audience to succeed as a writer. At times, I admit, my pride buys into that idea. But mostly I don't want to lose the ability to interact and a small community participating together appeals. Thanks for the food for thought!

    • By the way I came over from Michael Hyatt's blog and I'm definitely sharing this post.

    • Yeah, it's the tension that most who are creating a platform face. I think the best thing is to recognize it, stay aware of it, and be intentional about it. Personally, I'd rather have 100 sold our fans who really are behind the message than 500 who aren't.

  • Great post. I couldn't agree more. This problem of wanting/seeking more exposes itself when people try to analyze their results — it doesn't take long before people realize that they learn absolutely nothing by watching their web traffic gradually grow or gradually decline over a period of time. They are much better off when they ONLY analyze results that are actionable. For example, instead of using Google Analytics to see how much traffic came from Twitter or Google Plus, you should look at how much traffic came from Google Plus or Twitter AND what percentage of traffic from each source converted into customers/subscribers/etc. It's not valuable to know that G+ is sending you lots of traffic, but it is valuable to know that G+ is sending lots of customers…

  • "Why do I want MORE?" That is a question we all need to ask ourselves… and be honest about the response. What are our motives?

    • Indeed. The answer to that question tells us a lot about our motives.

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