Seeing What Is or What Can Be

A lot of times it’s easy to see something for what it is, as it is, and just be okay with it staying there.

It’s something else to see more… to see not just what it is… but what it can be.

And it’s even greater to do something about it.

To actually invest the time, heart and energy into helping it become more than what it is.

The people who see it for what it can be and then do something about it… those are the people who make a difference. Those are the game changers.

It’s easy to see something for what it is and just be okay with it staying there.

But… easy won’t make it better.

Doing what needs to be done is hard but it’s worth it.

Hang in there. You are making a difference.

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  • This is great insight. My problem is that I see how things need to be different but I don't have the time or resources to implement the change. Sometimes it's out of my reach, not within my power to fix, so I just table it. Sometimes it's within my power to fix but I can't get to it. That is frustrating. I want it all now and patience is difficult. But I think that if I stay patient, note those changes and work towards making them happen, then sooner or later they will come. Couldn't change everything in a day anyway right? Then what would I dream about.

    • Excellent point Marc. I run into that myself. Seeing so many things that COULD BE but not having enough time or resources to do something about them all. I think this hurts a lot of people because rather than pick one thing and start there, the sense of being overwhelmed by NOT being able to do it all causes them to freeze and do nothing. That's tragic when that happens.

      No, we can't do it all but we can do something. To me, that is the key.

      Appreciate you stopping by and joining the conversation.

      • I run into that as well. Sometimes there's just so much to do that I become frozen because I don't know where to start. I find it helps to use David Allen's GTD principles and figure out what is the next physical action. I don't need to know all of the actions necessary now. I only need to know what the next one is. Once I have that I can start moving again.

        Thanks for the comments. I really like your blog!

  • Hi Daniel,

    This post was really good. I had the same thoughts Marc shared – it's difficult to see 'what can be' most of the time and know where to start. It's also difficult to be around others who only see 'what is'. Thank you for your post – makes me want to grab a shovel and dig in! If not here, then there… or at least somewhere. =)

  • lsagar65

    Thanks Daniel. I needed this. I spend a lot of time 'seeing' but it's tough to see alone. I've finally managed to bring one of my (deceptively?) simple ideas to fruition which has created some momentum for me to work on a couple of others.

    That momentum has helped me to give myself 'permission' as it were, to speak out. So recently for example, I saw a report on ABC News (about unemployment) that resonated with me and I simply found the link to the story and forwarded it to someone in the Division of Labor, Licensing and Regulation in my state. Gutsy? I suppose so, but if I believe in what I've seen, the least I can do is share the insight.

    • lsagar65

      The individual to whom my email was sent actually responded. Whether any action is taken isn't my call but I've offered my services. Now, I'm moving on to my next thing.

      It seems to me that sometimes our only responsibility as people who see is to advise others of what we've seen, offer ourselves for service and move on. It's not a recusal of self from responsibility for change, but simply working to influence to the extent that we can and waiting (and hoping) for a call to help implement the change.