Why I’m Excited to be a Part of Seth Godin’s Domino Project Street Team

The world is changing and we have a choice.

We can hold tight to what used to work then but perhaps isn’t working so well now… or we can proactively pursue the future by reinventing, trying something new and stepping out on the leading edge of change.

It’s a risk either way.

One will eventually lead to a demise, even if its slow in its coming…
The other presents the chance of failure but also offers the potential of new rewards.

Change is scary.

We like to walk down the same path that we’re used to walking. It’s familiar and we perceive it as safe. But the path to the future won’t be found on the path of yesterday. The path of the future isn’t paved until someone has the willingness to step out and blaze a trail. At first others might think the trail blazer is crazy (and perhaps he/she is) but if/when that new path creates a better way… everyone else will be quick to follow. And then that brave trail blazer will have paved a new way.

It’s how the future gets created and it happens around us every day. Someone gets tired of the status quo. They’re sick of playing by the old rules and seeing results diminish. They believe there is an alternative so they rise up and start changing the game.

And that’s exactly where Seth Godin comes in. He’s a bestselling author of 12 books, has one of the top ranked blogs in the entire universe, created a number of successful companies, and he’s a nice guy who is blazing a trail.

Seth has recently stepped away from traditional publishing and started something new. It’s called The Domino Project. It represents a fundamental shift in the way books (and digital media based on books) have always been published. You can read more about Seth’s decision to move to this sort of publishing here, here and here.

Since I work with authors and professional speakers, and have done so for almost 10 years, I’m on the forefront of understanding the changes that the publishing industry is facing. I see it from the publishers side and from from the authors. It impacts me and my clients on a daily basis. That’s why I was excited when I heard that I was selected as one of only 60 or so people to be a part of The Domino Project’s Street Team. It’s sort of an elite group of talented individuals who bring together a collective of different skills and abilities that I’m quite honestly looking forward to seeing in action.

Being a part of the team means that I’ll have the ability to interact with a dynamic group of pioneers who aren’t afraid to dream, try something new and learn along the way.

Will it work? I think so. Is it signally the end of traditional publishing? Maybe, maybe not… that depends on how traditional publishers respond to change. Will it challenge the norm and potentially help create new ideas that make things better across the board? Most definitely and that’s what I like to be a part of.

I have no doubt that what I learn will help me to continue to excel in what I do and in how I help my clients succeed.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about The Domino Project as activity picks up but for now you can read more about it here. Oh, and the first book that is being published through this new model is called Poke the Box (by Seth Godin).

The Domino Team (core leaders)

Seth Godin | founder and brainchild
Blog: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ // @thisissethsblog
Bio: Seth starts things. He makes a ruckus. From his first business more than 30 years ago, he continues to try and fail and learn and repeat and innovate and eventually make something work. Is there any other way?

Amber Rae | chief evangelist
Blog: http://heyamberrae.com // @heyamberrae
Bio: Amber is an internet nerd, idea catalyst, and passionpreneur. As the chief evangelist of The Domino Project, she’s eager to get the ideas of great thinkers into the hands of people who care. When she’s not spreading ideas, she’s curating stories of change-makers and culture-shapers who take initiative, trust their gut, and create revolutions in their work at revolution.is. Her life mission is to inspire people to pursue their passions and act on their deepest ambitions.

Ishita Gupta | head of hooplhead
Blog: http://fearlessstories.com // @ishitagupta
Bio: Head of Hoopla at the Domino Project and in charge of media/PR for Poke the Box. Editor/Publisher of fear.less magazine.

Alex Miles Younger | chief creative officer
Blog: http://unozip.com // @unozip
Bio: Alex Miles Younger is a freelance problem-solver. He uses his camera, computer, and brain to build websites and design marketing materials for creative individuals and unique businesses.

Lauryn Ballesteros | VP of strategic partnerships
Blog: www.LaurynBallesteros.com // @heylaurynbee
Bio: My biggest passion is to create a company with the innovation of Apple and the global impact of Microsoft before I die. I’m good at building on the fly and I love challenges that refine you as a person. Give me a problem to figure out with a short deadline and I’ll create something great.

Michael Parrish DuDell | managing editor
Blog: notoriousMPD.com // @notoriousMPD
Bio: Michael Parrish DuDell is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the managing editor of The Domino Project as well as a senior editor at Ecorazzi.com. Michael is also a frequent contributor to publications like The Huffington Post, Crazy Sexy Life, and VegNews magazine and serves as the president of Sustainable Leadership Council — a coalition of experts focusing on food sustainability in New York City. Michael regularly consults with companies on issues relating to Generation Y and social change and is currently working with American Express on the ZYNC card.

Willie Jackson | chief technology officer
Blog: http://williejackson.com // @williejackson
Bio: Often mistaken for being soft-spoken. Currently living in two cities. A fan of Haribo Gummi Bears. In a serious relationship with technology.

Amy Richards | VP of media relations
Blog: http://www.soapboxinc.com/amy-richards
Bio: Author of Manifesta, Grassroots, and Opting In,Amy Richards is a leading voice on feminism today. She is a co-founder of the Third Wave Foundation and the voice behind Ask Amy, located at feminist.com.Amy has won numerous awards for her activism and she and her work have been featured in range of media, including the New York Times, Oprah and NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

The Street Team

Click on their blogs and Twitter links to learn more about each one of these bright and gifted individuals. These are seriously some very interesting people, many with borderline super human powers. : )

Here’s the Street Team Twitter list too: http://twitter.com/ProjectDomino/domino-street-team

Mitch Kapler
Blog: http://media-creativity.com // @mitchkapler
Bio (via Twitter): Digital Strategist by day. Creative by night.

Daniel Decker
Blog: www.danieldecker.net // @danieldecker
Bio (via Twitter): CEO, Higher Level Group. Helping authors, speakers, & organizations expand their influence.

Aaron Goldfarb
Blog: www.aarongoldfarb.com // @aarongoldfarb
Bio (via Twitter): Author of the novel HOW TO FAIL: THE SELF-HURT GUIDE!

Erica Swallow
Blog: http://ericaswallow.com/ // @ericaswallow
Bio (via Twitter): Assistant Editor at @mashable | Formerly of @nytimes social media marketing team | NYU Stern graduate | Lover of orange (see: @omniorange)

Maya Elhalal
Blog: www.MayaElhalal.com // @mayaelhalal
Bio (via Twitter): New-Media Entrepreneur, big fan of the brain, TEDxLowerEastSide and TEDxTelAviv Organizer

Tricia Huffman
Blog: www.yourjoyologist.com // @beingtricia
Bio (via Twitter): I am your joyologist.

David Pessah
Blog: http://www.thrillist.com/NY/new // @davidpessah
Bio (via Twitter): social media guy for @thrillist. entrepreneurial minded. interested in fun.

Mailande Moran
Blog: www.ourfutureistbd.com // @mailande
Bio (via Twitter): Program Officer @ Rubin Foundation. Managing Editor/Other Half @ourfutureistbd. Happy repatriated Brooklynite.

Briana Campbell
Blog: http://unemployedbrooklyn.blogspot.com // @MsMatchGirl
Bio (via Twitter): (formerly) unemployed and (not so) single in greenpoint, brooklyn | special ops @Zemoga

Jon Burg
Blog: http://jburg.typepad.com/future // @jonburg
Bio (via Twitter): From a young age I knew I loved to talk, I just didn’t think anyone would care. Sr Social Engineer @ Digitas, views are my own.

Christine Huang
Blog: www.christinewhuang.com // @christinewhuang
Bio (via Twitter): Digital Strategy & Innovations @ MTV Scratch.

Thom Chambers
Blog: www.intreehouses.com // @intreehouses
Bio (via Twitter): In Treehouses is a free e-magazine designed to help you reach your 1,000 True Fans.

Susannah Conway
Blog: http://www.susannahconway.com/ // @photobird
Bio (via Twitter): Photographer – Writer – Proud aunt – Polaroid addict – Unraveller-in-Chief – Newbie author. A work in progress.

Claire Scantlebury
Blog: www.runninginhighheels.com // @claire_s
Bio (via Twitter): Co-Organiser of @IgniteCardiff & @TEDxCDF. Co-Founder of @CardiffWebScene. Cardiff Ambassador. Community engagement enthusiast.

Adam Baker
Blog: http://manvsdebt.com // @ManVsDebt
Bio (via Twitter): One small family of 3’s journey to sell our junk, pay off our debt, and start doing what we love. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Maren Hogan
Blog: http://www.marenated.com // @marenhogan
Bio (via Twitter): Marketing Pro, Boot-wearer, World-Traveler, Cereal Eater, Community Builder,& Awesome Sauce Con Carne. Serial CMO & Co-founder of #TBEX. HR, Recruiting, Travel.

Debbie Weil
Blog: www.debbieweil.com // @debbieweil
Bio (via Twitter): 2.0 communicator, big thinker, author, speaker, publisher, cupcake lover; mission: spark FRIENDING OVER 50 movement to change the world.

Liz Presson
Blog: http://www.ellesocial.com // @Elizabethcp
Bio (via Twitter): Brand Evangelist for GOSO & BOALT; focus on social media strategies & online brand rep. Street Team for @projectdomino & U St Restaurant Examiner (@Examinercom)

Robit Bhargava
Blog: http://www.rohitbhargava.com // @rohitbhargava
Bio (via Twitter): I write a blog about influential marketing. I work at Ogilvy. I have a personality. I wrote a book on why personality matters: readpni.com

Jeremy Epstein
Blog: www.ignitingtherevolution.com // @jer979
Bio (via Twitter): A Haiku: Passion Energy; Networking and Marketing; Love Technology

Derek Markham
Blog: http://derekmarkham.com // @derekmarkham
Bio (via Twitter): Generally green, sprinkled with randomness and slathered with peanut butter. Father, blogger and social media fool.

Hugh Weber
Blog: www.wediscoverstories.com // @hughweber
Bio (via Twitter): Discovering stories (@weheartstories) and transitioning from Dude to Dad (@dudetodad) all with the mantra of work.play.do good.

Jeff Slobotski
Blog: http://www.SiliconPrairieNews.com // @slobotski
Bio (via Twitter): I work on building things like @SiliconPrairie and @BigOmaha while striving for matching socks and a balanced diet.

Mario Chamorro
Blog: www.touristattitude.com // @mac2182
Bio (via Twitter): Tourist Attitude all the time.

Rich Nadworny
Blog: http://digitalstrategy.typepad.com // @rnadworny
Bio (via Twitter): Owner of digital marketing group Digalicious, strategist and instigator of Burlington Social Media Breakfasts, #btvsmb.

Nate Bags
Blog: http://bigbags.tumblr.com // @bigbags
Bio (via Twitter): I’m a mover and a shaker. I write. I create. My way of joking is to tell the truth… that’s the funniest joke in the world.

Todd Sattersten
Blog: http://www.toddsattersten.com // @toddsattersten
Bio (via Twitter): Business Book Author, Scout, Agent and Coach. BizBookLab Instructor. Co-wrote The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

Thomas Fiffer
Blog: http://tomaplomb.blogspot.com // @tomaplomb
Bio (via Twitter): Business information publisher, blogger, social media explorer, believer in fresh starts

Sachit Gupta
Blog: http://sachitgupta.com // @SachitGupta
Bio (via Twitter): Co-Organizer at TEDxEast, Information Management Leadership Program at GE Capital

AK Stout
Blog: http://sayingitsocial.com // @akstout18
Bio (via Twitter): Owner of @sayingitsocial, a Social Media Marketing co. 4 franchises – ask me about my training prgm! Realtor @akknowsrealest8; loves 2 help others & fundraise.

Marc Gunther
Blog: www.marcgunther.com // @MarcGunther
Bio (via Twitter): writer and speaker on business and sustainability

Arax-Rae Van Buren
Blog: http://nonsociety.com/ // @kissandtype
Bio (via Twitter): Digital strategist, GenY community manager, account girl, life-caster, blogger, food enthusiast, and 5 minutes late – always.

Kirsten Alana
Blog: http://www.kirstenalana.com/ // @kirsten_al
Bio (via Twitter): ProPhotographer/Traveler/Writer addicted to SocialMedia, NYC, books & music. Enjoy NGO/NP work. Member @ProjectDomino ST, @CleverGirlsColl & @SleepoverPR.

Tara Gentile
Blog: http://www.scoutiegirl.com // @scoutie

Dave Weinberg
Blog: cellphoneSketchpad.com // @daveweinberg
Bio (via Twitter): creative services across media, illustrator & wild-blueberry banana pancake maker. that cellphoneSketchpad guy. resolving childhood conflicts 24/7.

Rex Williams
Blog: http://grootship.com // @rexalma
Bio (via Twitter): I connect people and ideas. A loyally subversive grass roots corporate revolutionary. Engineer for Boeing who creates movements.

Lisa Jenkins
Blog: http://danesanders.com // @LisaDJenkins
Bio (via Twitter): Master of Marketing

Cameron Woodward
Blog: www.cameronwoodward.com // @cameron
Bio (via Twitter): 18-year-old student, Editor-in-Chief (@TechLeash), Sine FM Presenter (Tuesday’s 7:00-8:00am). I love radio, television, technology and music. I enjoy DJ’in.

Dane Sanders
Blog: http://danesanders.com // @DaneSanders
Bio (via Twitter): I create for a living & probably will ’til I’m dying… maybe a little after that too.

Fred Jame
Blog: http://fredja.me // @lionpoisson
Bio (via Twitter): Thinker, reader, writer, blogger, translator, scuba diver, motorcyclist. Or @ffred in Chinese.

Arriane Serafico
Blog: http://wanderrgirl.com // @wanderrgirl
Bio (via Twitter): Socio-political changemaker. New media strategist. Eternal brainstormer. Creativity advocate. Entrepreneur. Manila girl. Seoul sister. Student of life!

Leigh Caraccioli
Blog: http://blog.atfleurdeleigh.com/ // @fleurdeleigh
Bio (via Twitter): 75% photog, 3% uberdork, 92% adoring wife and mom, 2.7% mathmatically inept, 12% blogger, 9% superhero, 3% spy.

Chris Shaw
Blog: http://chrisgshaw.com // @MOChrisShaw
Bio (via Twitter): I’m a lawyer, hacker, writer, and sports fan. I share and interact with others about technology, sports, law and pop culture.

Dr. Mollie Marti
Blog: http://bestlifedesignblog.com // @DrMollieMarti
Bio (via Twitter): Performance psychologist, BestLifeDesign.com founder, Speaker, Prof, Biz Author, Lawyer, Wife & Mom of 3 living on Iowa apple orchard -and loving it all!

Angela Maiers
Blog: http://www.angelamaiers.com // @angelamaiers
Bio (via Twitter): Putting Learners First – Teacher, Educator, Literacy Consultant, Author, Speaker

Tyler Hurst
Blog: tdhurst.com // @tdhurst
Bio (via Twitter): Actual writer. Rabble rouser. Community activist. Opens bananas like a monkey. (almost)barefooter. Has name on shirt. Knows all the words to Baby Got Back.

Jeff Moriarty
Blog: http://improvmedia.com // @jmoriarty
Bio (via Twitter): Writer, techie, ex-Intel drone, coffee lover, Ignite Phoenix, Social Media Club Phx, Improv AZ

Monica O’Brien
Blog: http://blog.monicaobrien.com // @monicaobrien
Bio (via Twitter): ENTP. Marketing @braintreeps. Author of Social Pollination (http://bit.ly/6XFPof).

Melissa Giovagnoli
Blog: www.networldingblog.com // @Networlding
Bio (via Twitter): Melissa Giovagnoli, Best-Selling Author, CEO & Founder, Publisher & Publishing Services, Thought Leader Marketing, Social Media Innovation & Implementation

Sarah Petty
Blog: thejoyofmarketing.com/blog // @SarahPetty
Bio (via Twitter): Boutique business marketing expert, Professional photographer, speaker and educator, owner of www.thejoyofmarketing.com and Cafe Joy.

Rick Liebling
Blog: http://www.rickliebling.com // @rick_now
Bio (via Twitter): Director of Digital Strategy at Coyne PR. Brand Planning, Social Media, Mobile & Sports.

Sarah Robinson
Blog: http://www.escaping-mediocrity.com // @sarahrobinson
Bio (via Twitter): Chief Of the Hooligan Tribe, escaping mediocrity in life & biz one adventure at a time

Wouter du Toit
Blog: http://www.wouterdutoit.co.za/ // @VVouter
Bio (via Twitter): For me its about art, photography, traveling, analyzing cultural behaviour, expression and life. I’m an idea leaker, truth seeker.

Christine Meintjes
Blog: www.laracasey.com // @cmeintjes
Bio (via Twitter): photographer, business fanatic, blogger & jean addict.

Ian Bennett Alas
Blog: http://ialas.com // @ialas

Chris Duel
Blog: http://www.kairoscafe.com // @chrisduel
Bio (via Twitter): Radio Talk Show Host on ESPN Radio – San Antonio, TX. Connecting people w/ BIG ideas.

Shawn McCormick
Blog: thereisnomap.wordpress.com // @mcshawn
Bio (via Twitter): Foodie, wine enthusiast, woodworker, connector, triiibester, tech guy who has way too many interests…

Ivana Sendecka
Blog: http://ivanasendecka.com/ // @ivanasendecka
Bio (via Twitter): Founder&Chief Movement Officer of @LeadersSlovakia #NGLS|Blogger @Inspiring Shipments #IS | Educator | Speaker

Bob Walsh
Blog: http://47hats.com/ // @bobwalsh
Bio (via Twitter): Developer, author, podcaster, blogger & consultant helping startups/microISVs succeed faster.

Mauricio Angulo
Blog: http://sites.google.com/site/mauricioangulo/ // @mauricioangulo
Bio (via Twitter): Looking for interesting ideas to bring to life

Mohit Pawar
Blog: http://mohitpawar.com/blog/

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  • Ivana Sendecka

    Awesome post and thumbs up for linking all Domino people, Daniel. It must have taken couple of hours to do so!;-)
    Please do include also me in your list: @IvanaSendecka on Twitter and you are getting link to blog in this comment, too;-)

    cheers from Slovakia

  • #jealous.

    just kidding… so excited for you, Daniel! I've already pre-ordered "Poke the Box!"

  • Congratulations Daniel. I love reading Seth's stuff and also just preordered 'Poke the Box'. I look forward to hearing your 'take' on how re project progresses.

  • Awesome, man! How did you land that opportunity? Can anyone be a part of the street team?

    • It was an application process. We applied, they picked. 🙂

  • angelamaiers


    This is an amazing post mirroring so much of how I feel. I still have not gotten my head and heart wrapped around the experience of working with this team! What an honor, privilege, and testament to passion.

    Thank you for sharing the blogs and all the folks behind the scenes making this a reality!
    I look forward to learning from you!
    Angela Maiers

    • Thanks Angela. Looking forward to learning from you as well.

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  • MRumph

    I can't say that I have read any of Mr Godin's books. Those I do read in non-fiction tend to be on theoretical physics or blacksmithing. However, well done him. What I am curious about is how this will differ from any of the other self-publishing platforms out there (too many to name, but including Amazon's own Create Space). I have followed the link to the description of what Domino is, but Mr Godin doesn't explain how this will be different. Could you expand on this a little? I am all for author's getting their due, but it seems that Amazon is becoming the middle man now, and the venture being run (or at least funded by) Amazon makes me somewhat wary.

    I won't go into the benefits of both books and the stores that sell them here, since I don't think it would be well greeted.

    Either way, good luck and I look forward to your response.

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