Seth Godin’s Surprising Definition of Marketing

Most of us are marketers whether we realize it or not. For some it’s a profession, for others it’s simply ingrained in what you do, what you say and how you interact with others.

A while ago I asked Seth Godin his thoughts about being often referred to as a “Marketing Expert.” In typical Seth fashion, his response wasn’t a generic reply… it was a response designed to make you think. His answer started with a question, a defining question that challenged the very notion of what “marketing” really is.

“What is marketing? If marketing is the act of overcoming fear, telling stories, doing work that matters and engaging with a world that’s going through revolutionary change, then sure, I’m flattered to be a marketing expert. My job, I think, is to highlight things we already sense, and to help people push themselves to do the work they know they ought to be doing.” – Seth Godin

Marketing isn’t just promoting something, at least effective marketing isn’t.

It’s also about being an agent of change, getting to the core, sharing value, and much more.

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