Stacking Bricks (Building Something Worthwhile)

If you want to stack 10 bricks, you have to start by stacking 2.

It’s just like anything else in life and in business.

If you want to get there, you have to start here.

The temptation is to try and jump ahead (to cut corners and take shortcuts).

But that’s where the danger is.

When you lay those first 2 bricks you are laying the foundation for the rest.

Those first 2 are important, often critically.

If the first 2 aren’t laid right, the other 8 won’t stand.

That’s why if you want to build something worthwhile, you have to start with a strong foundation. Regardless if that something is a team, a vision, a product, or a dream… if your foundation is right, what you build on top of it will be more likely to last.


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  • Someone told me last night that making your second million is easier than the first; he wants to start on the second million first. Of course it doesn't work like that.

    I wonder though if dreams and visions act in the same way. They are not made out of brick and mortar. They happen before ground is broken, let alone the first brick being laid. I feel that if we only have dreams and visions with firm foundations, then we might as well continue repairing and working on walls that already exist.

    • Good point on the vision and dreams aspect Drew. From my perspective the vision or the dream must be clear and thought through. Doesn't have to be fully figured out but having a foundation (even of an idea) is something needed in order to built something tangible on.

      • We shouldn't limit our dreaming by requiring all the information up front. And we shouldn't limit those dreams by forgetting that all things need foundations.

  • We may prefers to spend our time shopping for draperies, but the foundation of a home is more expensive because it is the most critical to the success and stability of the house. It may be more glamorous to focus on the flashy, but it is also less prudent.

  • Cathy

    You are so right, Daniel, except the foundation can be a purely mental one and it will allow for "quantum leaps" . Not all success is done in incremental steps. Often very successful people will tell you that when they held their focus, their success came in ways that they may never have been able to outline in the way it unfolded. Merry Christmas!

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