Stop Waiting for Perfection

Fri, Oct 15, 2010

Perspective, Productivity

Stop Waiting for Perfection

Perfection is a myth. You’ll never be fully ready. You’ll never have all of it figured out.

If you wait to have it just right, you’ll never start.

And starting is the hardest but most important part.

Strive for excellence but don’t let perfectionism be an excuse… because, let’s face it, it can be and often is. Our fear of failing… fear of making mistakes… of being embarrassed…. those are the real issues that hold us back. Perfectionism is just the crutch.

It doesn’t need to be nearly as complicated as we can make it. Just start. Somewhere.

If you want to be a blogger, don’t worry about all the bells and whistles, just start blogging.

If you want to start a business, think it through and try to be smart but don’t over think it and stall out. Pull the trigger and go.

Want to change the world? Make the choice of what YOU can do and begin doing it. Don’t worry about doing it all, just do your part.

But don’t keep waiting… just get moving.

Whatever it is will never be unless you take that first step to move beyond ideas to execution.

Yes, you need a plan and yes you need to be smart but far too often we spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing. Doing is the secret sauce. Doing is what makes it happen.

You can do it. Really, you can. But you won’t if you don’t.

Do you struggle with being a perfectionist? Does it hold you back? How do you deal with it? What advice do you have for others to get going?

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    • Dan Rockwell

      Hi Daniel,

      Such an important idea. Many if not most are frozen by perfection.

      We may have somethings in common. I wrote "Stop Waiting for Perfection" back in February. Love your feedback.

      Best to you,

      Leadership Freak
      Dan Rockwell

      • Daniel Decker

        Love it! Great minds. : ) Thanks for stopping by and sharing Dan.

    • Kevin Trokey

      Thanks for the reminder Daniel. I tell our member agencies all the time, "Don't let your quest for perfection run you head first into the wall of procrastination.".

      • Daniel Decker

        Great quote Kevin. I'll be adding that to my quote list!

    • human3rror

      this is a hustle post. LOVE IT. already drafted one about that idea!

      • Daniel Decker

        I might just get a t-shirt made that says "I'm a Hustler" on it. Been that way since age 5. Always working some direction. : )

    • Geoff Webb

      Great post, Daniel. Personally, perfectionism doesn't hold me back from starting as much as finishing. I'm a starter, but I peter out near the end and can use the perfectionism "excuse" to avoid ending a project – for the same reasons you list here.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Daniel Decker

        That's a great point too Geoff. Might have to do another post on that aspect. Starting is important but finishing, or as Seth Godin says "shipping," is even more.

    • Andy Naylor

      Thanks for the ideas! I'm not a perfectionist but a procrastinator. But all of what you said applies. Fear has always prevented me from acting on most of my ideas. A strong firm push is always needed by me. Thanks for reminding me.

      • Daniel Decker

        Yeah, I honestly think procrastination and perfectionism are the two primary evils of progress.

    • Michael Corley

      Hi Daniel,

      I’ve been the devil in the details guy for quite a bit of my career as a real estate broker.

      However, your post has shown me that perfectionism is the enemy of doing anything…at all.

      The secret sauce is doing, because in so doing is where the details really are (not in planning alone)

      Thanks for a great post (I’m going to finish my web design this weekend because of it)

      • Daniel Decker

        Outstanding. Glad it helped and believe me… I'm not writing this because I've mastered it myself. I'm often writing TO myself as a reminder to practice what I'm preaching.

    • JavierD

      good stuff, plan yes important, but planning without doing is just perhaps at best good information…

      • Daniel Decker

        Indeed. We all have WAY more information than we need. It's execution and application of that information that matters. Plenty of us have great ideas but world changes make their ideas into realities.

    • Daniel Decker

      I work with a lot of successful author and speakers. The one trait I've seen over and over with those who get things done is that they DO. They go for it. Half the time the plans don't make 100% sense but they launch out anyways and they make it work along the way. Me, I analyze but over analyzing can get you stuck rather than moving ahead. It's hard but perhaps together we can all encourage each other to DO.

    • Peter Abatan

      Hi Daniel, Thanks for this thought provoking post. I am always a victim to the art of perfectionism, I need to break out this mould as I realize that it hinders me from reaching my full potential.

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    • fxgeorges

      Thank you for following me from Bloggy Mom's! This is a great series…I think one that everyone can relate to. Also, I would love to have you on my Team if you decide to try it out again ~ $1 through the 20th! 😉

      I'm following this blog and I am now a part of your mom network too!

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    •,qq,470.php Marcellus Brearley

      I do believe all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for starters. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

    • Karen L

      OH MY!! Were you reading my thoughts! I struggle with this. I once had an art teach put a a small pencil on a sheet of paper I was struggle to paint on. She said there it’s not perfect anymore-get busy. I went on to create a mess but it was my mess. I was a fun expression of me. Thanks for the reminder!

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