Success: It’s about Choice and…


“Success, you see, isn’t a mansion and a yacht. Success is living the life you want and doing the work you’re best at doing…” – Chris Brogan

As I read those words on Chris’ post about That Sense of Overnight Success, I started thinking about success a little more.

We all define it differently but overall for me, it’s not about a destination or accumulating more stuff.

It’s about choice and having the freedom to make it.

Think about it.

Why do so many people hate their jobs? Could it be because they feel like they don’t have a choice? Like they’re stuck in the trade-off of earning a paycheck versus doing the work they like and enjoy?

When we feel like we don’t have choice, we don’t have happiness or success.

I’ve personally worked very hard and intentionally over the last 10 years to build a business and a lifestyle that affords me the ability to choose. To choose my hours, my clients, the type of work that I do, and even the opportunity to cut out randomly at 3pm in the afternoon to go jump on the trampoline with my kids (of course, only if I choose to).

Sure, there are always things that we don’t really want to do but success happens when those things occur less than the things we do want to do.

Success. It is a choice.

And it’s about choice and having the freedom to make it.

What are your thoughts on success? What does it look like to you?

Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker is President of Higher Level Group, Inc., a strategic marketing and development firm that helps authors, professional speakers, and organizations who are doing good to expand their influence. LINKS: Follow @DanielDecker on Twitter | Visit the "About" Page | Subscribe to the Blog and get updates via RSS or Email.
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