Successful Marketing Starts with The WIIFM Factor

Regardless of whether you are trying to sell a product or persuade someone with an idea, you must start by addressing The WIIFM Factor, WIIFM = “What’s in it for me?”

WIIFM is the stuff that shows how or why what you have to sell or say matters to those who you are trying to sell or say it too. It’s the value proposition, the thing that makes them realize that what you’re offering is worth their money or their time.

Many times those who are closest to the message have a really hard time with extracting the WIIFM. It’s not because they don’t know what it is… it’s usually because they know it too well. They develop a Curse of Knowledge which can hinder their ability to look at the offering objectively and from the perspective of someone new, someone who has no insider knowledge or context to fall back on.

Think about the end users, about how busy they are and how they are bombarded every day with thousands of messages volleying for their attention. They have a filter and if what you’re saying doesn’t break through the clutter to address a need they face… you’ll have a hard time getting through.

It’s a universal truth and it doesn’t apply to just selling books, widgets or programs. It’s applicable to ideas, movements and missions as well. It matters just as much in the church as it does in the marketplace.

It’s understanding needs, the needs of who it is you’re trying to reach and making sure the way you communicate addresses those needs directly versus just adding more noise.

What are your thoughts on The WIIFM Factor?

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