Surviving Just Isn’t Good Enough

Surviving is really just getting by… isn’t it?

It’s not dying but it’s not really living either.

It’s playing it safe. It’s settling.

Sometimes it’s like being in the corner and just taking the punches that life throws our way.

Sure, you can put your head down and your arms up so that you can take the hits and survive but… if you’re always playing defense then you never advance… which means you’ll never win.


Well, that looks a lot different doesn’t it?

It’s about going for it…. moving forward, playing offense and coming out of the corner swinging.

Yes, you’ll still get hit along the way but you don’t give up. You look for ways to win despite the hits along the way.

Life is tough. Business and leadership are too.

But we have a choice.

We can let the hits keep us down or we can find a way to stand up and fight back.

We don’t have to be the victim. We can be the hero.

Doesn’t mean that it will be easy but you’ll never overcome unless you believe that you can and you act accordingly.

Surviving just isn’t good enough… if you really want to live. Is it?

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  • I couldn’t agree more. you have to be constantly looking forward and aways evolving. This is more and more relevant as more businesses go online and with the speed that technology changes.

    What worked a year ago may very well not work today, so it’s best to stay on top rather that constantly trying to catch up.

    Keep up the good work.