A Simple but Important Life Lesson from Facebook’s IPO

Facebook was only formed 8 years ago.

It’s now making over 3.7 billion in annual revenue. Expected to raise 13+ billion in it’s IPO (depending on which report you read).

Think about it like this… in less than 8 years Facebook has changed the world.

The lesson… whatever you’re facing today, don’t give up.

If it’s a challenge you’re trying to overcome or a dream you’re trying to pursue… rise up and keep moving forward.

Everything can change in a relatively short amount of time. It may not seem like it now but looking back, it will.

Your circumstances can change and you too will change the world (at least your world) but it won’t happen by living in fear or defeat. It will only happen when you choose to seek solutions, take action and believe.

Go do that today.

Perfection, Permission, and Other P Words You Don’t Need


I’m convinced that one of the things that robs many of us from DOING (creating, executing ideas, shipping, launching, etc.) is a pursuit for Perfection. It’s that internal voice that causes us to hesitate, to question, to second guess, and often over think or over analyze to the point of paralysis. Instead of moving, we get stuck and our ideas become nothing more than wishes or great intentions. Sound familiar?

I have news for you… perfection is a myth anyways. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

Don’t get me wrong, you should pursue excellence but don’t let perfection, or the pursuit thereof, stop you from moving and executing what needs to get done.

Good things come to those who Wait, but Great things come to those who Act!


Why do we seek it so much? Why do we let someone else’s “opinion” dictate whether or not we are worthy to pursue ____. Just because a Publisher passes on your book idea doesn’t mean your idea is bad. Just because your friends or your family members don’t understand your dream, or even if they shoot it down, that doesn’t mean you should give it up (they just don’t see the vision that you have been given).

The only permission that you need is your own (well, and God’s – for those of you who believe).

Stop letting someone else choose for you. Don’t give up on the hard work by simply using their NO as a convenient way out.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

Other P Words You Don’t Need

There are others… like Procrastinate or Passive (unless it’s income). But the two above are what may limit us the most.

The P Word We Do Need


It’s what helps us see things in a new way. It’s what helps us overcome and look beyond Perfection and Permission. It’s a new way of thinking and something that I hope this post will help you do today.

BTW… I have to give thanks to Chris Brogan for inspiring the title to this post. He wrote a post about taking action (amongst other things), I left a comment, he replied, and viola… this post was born.

Great Things Come to Those Who Act

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying…

“Good things come to those who wait.”

It’s solid advice for having patience and understanding that timing is important, because it is.

But, it’s also an easy excuse for procrastination and complacency.

Sometimes we just need to take action. Sometimes we’ve already been given what we need (ideas, permission, resources, etc) but we let fear hold us back.

GOOD things do come to those who wait, but I’m of the opinion that…

…GREAT things come to those who act!

Only you know which you REALLY need to do.

A How to Change the World (and Your World) Manifesto

It’s one thing to talk about changing the world…

It’s something totally different to actually do it.

And by “do it,” I mean to set out with an intentional goal or plan to create the change that we wish to see.

And, “the world” doesn’t have to just mean “the world” as in the planet with its 6 BILLION + people. “The world” can mean your world too… your individual sliver of it and sphere of influence within it (but here’s the neat part… when you change your world, you also change the world at the same time).

A lot of us talk about wanting to make change but what do we do? Keep talking? Dreaming? Searching for the roadmap or the “3 Easy Step Guide” because we’re feeling overwhelmed or like we don’t know where to start?

Honestly, that’s all an excuse and most of us know it.

Excuses are plentiful and convenient even though we don’t like to call them that. They help us justify not doing anything but they keep us talking. They help us feel better about pushing it off yet another day or bowing down to the busyness of life that wants us to settle instead of break free.

In Apple’s 1997 “Think Different” commercial campaign it said this:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

And while that may indeed be true… thinking we can alone isn’t our main problem, is it?

It’s what comes next.

It’s the action part… the follow through… the hard work… the sweat… the tears… the risk… the being uncomfortable in a society where we’re taught that our primary goal should be to remove risk and seek comfort in all that we do.

I’m sorry to break the news but real change… I mean REAL change… doesn’t happen like that. It’s not found in the pursuit of being comfortable.

Real change comes at a cost.

But the question is… do you want it bad enough to pay it?

Whatever it is that you want to change… either in the world or in your world… you must ask yourself that question.

Do I want it bad enough?

Talk is talk and ideas are a dime a dozen but if you REALLY want it then you’ll go after it and do whatever you can to make it so.

That’s when change occurs. That’s when we make a difference that really matters.

I can talk all day about wanting to help end poverty or I can get off my rear and do something about it NOW. I can sponsor a child via Compassion International or donate to sustainable solutions like Kiva. I can start something in my local community to help those in need or I can simply go and volunteer to help where I can.

I can talk all day about wanting to write a book and inspire millions of people or I can start writing and inspiring NOW. I don’t need to take a class or follow every bestselling author on Twitter or learn the secrets of whatever… what I need to do first and foremost is write and inspire.

Do you see the point?

It doesn’t have to be complicated but we tend to over complicate it, don’t we?

It’s really quite simple.

We just need to start.

We need to take action… not tomorrow but TODAY and every day thereafter.

No, it’s not going to come easy. After all, nothing worthwhile is. But, if it’s worth it and if you really want it… stick with it and it will come.

We don’t have to change the world overnight but we can change the world every day.

Are you crazy enough to believe that you can?

More importantly, are you crazy enough to actually take action?

I hope so. The world, your world, awaits…