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Want to Know the Best Time to Tweet / Update on Twitter? Here’s How…


Wondering when the best time to Tweet on Twitter is? The time when the majority of your followers are most active thus more likely to see your more important messages?

Check out

From their site:

Stop wasting precious tweets, find out when your followers are listening! Whentotweet analyzes the time at which your followers tweet and gives you a personalized recommendation on when the best time of day for you to tweet is.

For me, it suggests my ideal time to Tweet is 20:00 GMT (which converts to 3:00pm Eastern Time)

Beyond the useful glimpse into to the active timeline of your following, one of the things I like about is that it does not require authentication (for you to enter your Twitter password). You simply enter your username and click the button. It does take a few minutes to analyze your following so the larger your follower count, the longer it will take.

I’m not sure how exact the results are but if you have an important Tweet / Twitter Update to share… you might try testing some of the most active times that suggests in order to see if you get more of a response.

This could be especially useful if you are scheduling Tweets as well.

And since we’re talking about Twitter, you can follow me at @danieldecker. Shoot me at @reply and I’ll make sure I’m following you back. : )

You can also check out

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