The Best Way to Write a Book (and a Guide to Getting Things Done)

I ran across the graphic below a while back and saved it to share with those who want to write a book. But then I realized that the message applies to much more than simply wanting to become a published author. It’s about getting anything we want done and the things (or excuses) we let get in our way.

Lesson, if you want to be a writer then write.

If you want to become a __(insert whatever you want to be)__ then __(insert action you need to take)___.

Most of the time we already know what we need to do, at least we know the initial actions we need to take. We just need to have the discipline to do it.

The path to success isn’t a straight one but the path to becoming who you want to be is not nearly as complicated as we often think.

Don’t let the distractions get in the way. Fight the resistance. Overcome the fear. Focus in, get real and get it done.

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