The Dangers of Looking for an Easier Way

As we get busier and as our organizations grow we tend to look for better ways to do things. Easier and more efficient ways. While the quest is indeed a positive thing, there is a dark side we must avoid.

It’s what happens when we start to lose the very essence of what was making us successful in the first place.

I’ll give you an example that temps me from time to time…

I’ve always been gifted at “connecting” with others. I’m a good networker and understand the value of relationships. One of the ways I have remained successful in maintaining my business relationships is by giving people individual attention. I try to give way more than I take. Why? Because they matter to me as people, not just as platforms, and I want them to know that I value them enough to spend purposeful time on them.

In my work marketing and promoting books, there is always the temptation to “look for an easier way” when I have a book I want to get others to review or share. That temptation is to send out a blanket, bulk email to all of my contacts at once.

Sure, it would save me time but the dark side is the effect it would create. People can sniff out a mass email pretty quickly, you know it yourself because you’ve undoubtedly received them too. People try to use language that “appears” personalized to the mass recipients but it’s not and you can tell it.

If I did this “Time Saving” move, I kill my effectiveness and my relationships. Why? Because I’d be inauthentic with those I value most and they’d know it.

So, while it’s much more labor intensive to sit down and email, call or connect with each one individually… it’s the SMARTER thing to do (not the EASIER).

My point is this…. As you grow, no matter what is you do, don’t sacrifice SMART for EASY. Don’t cut corners because they’ll eventually cut you back. Make certain that you are constantly aware of what has contributed to your success and seek to maintain it. Systems and automation is fine but only when they don’t replace what it is that makes you who you are.

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  • Well said, Daniel. Sometimes the corner that gets cut is the very one that can make all the difference for good.

  • Daniel,

    You're so right. Easy rarely is the best way. A saying one of my mentors always used was "People don't care how much you know, they care how much you care." Mass mail-outs don't let people know you have their best interests in mind.

    A little authenticity goes a long way. You were referring to marketing and promoting books and I was surprised that this same principle applies to your business as well. Just proves that it's not what you're marketing, it's who you're marketing to.