The Eyes of an Effective Leader

Effective leaders have two sets of eyes. Eyes that look forward and eyes that look back.

Most of us have heard about the first set, The Eyes of Vision, since vision and leadership go hand in hand. These eyes enable the leader to see ahead to a desired future or a chosen destination. The vision can then be communicated to a leaders followers and a path can be set to try and make that vision a reality.

But what you don’t hear as much about are the other eyes of the leader.

The Eyes of Perspective.

These are the eyes that look back into the eyes of the follower and allow the leader to see things in a way that their followers might see them.

It involves looking through the lens of empathy which creates the ability for the leader to relate and connect in a way that makes his/her vision stick… mostly because it considers those who will be impacted by it.

If you are a leader of any kind, The Eyes of Vision are indeed critical but don’t be so forward focused that you overlook The Eyes of Perspective. Consider those who you lead and how your vision might look to them. Involve them, engage them, and let them know you care by making them a part of it.

Your effectiveness as a leader depends on your ability to see through both sets of eyes.

Would you agree? What other traits of effective leadership have you experienced?

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