What Do You Do When You Feel Stuck? Adopt The Farmers Perspective

You’ve had them, everyone does, those days (weeks, months or even years) when everything seems to be stacked up against you. Nothing appears to be going right despite your prayers, good intentions, hard work, and determination.

It can be a very disheartening time.

A time when doubt and insecurity can slowly creep in and make you feel as if you are stuck in a hole with no way out.

But, the hole isn’t always such a bad thing. In fact, it can be a necessary part of our growth.

Think about the life of a seed for a second.

One day Mr. Seed is just minding his own business, hanging out with the other seeds, dreaming about how they can’t wait to become mighty fruit trees.

Then all the sudden the Farmer grabs Mr. Seed, shoves him into a hole, covers him in dirt, almost drowns him in water and then walks away to do the same thing to the next seed.

Can you imagine what Mr. Seed must be thinking? His nice little life, dreaming of becoming a mighty fruit tree has been ruined, or has it? “Why Farmer, Why,” he shouts! He’s lost in the dark, feeling scared, defeated, unsure of what is next, wondering why the Farmer would just leave him there and worst of all… he’s covered in MANURE!

All his life he wanted to become a mighty fruit tree but now he’s just stuck in this hole with no way out.

Sound familiar?

But here’s the thing… Mr. Seed was only able to see things from his limited perspective. He didn’t know what the Farmer knew. The Farmer knew than in order for Mr. Seed to grow and become that mighty fruit tree that he’d need to start out in the hole. Every day when Mr. Seed thought he was being drowned, it was really the Farmer pouring down the water that would give him life. Every day when Mr. Seed thought he was being covered in more and more manure, it was really the Farmer helping him grow.

The moral of the story is this…

When you are stuck, when it seems like everything is against you and there’s no way out of the hole you are in… remember the Farmer’s Perspective. It’s in the hole, often covered in dirt and manure, that we experience the growth we need to reach our dreams and bear fruit. Don’t give up. Trust and grow.

Question: Do you have the Farmer’s Perspective? How do you deal with the times you feel stuck?

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  • Jon

    Enjoyed reading your post. Having grown up on a farm, I appreciate the analogy even more. I believe that farmers are some of the most resilient people around. Just think about it. There are more variables out of their control than in their control. Once the crop is planted, weather plays a big role in how good the crops are. Diseases and insects are always a danger as well. A great deal of faith and perseverance goes into it.

    What I learned from this is to always do your best, pray, have faith, you know it will get better. As farmer's always say, "it will be better next year."

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