The Gift of Going First – A Leadership and Life Principle

Thu, Jul 19, 2012

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The Gift of Going First – A Leadership and Life Principle

In order to lead, you must have those who follow.

Equally important, you can’t lead anyone anywhere if you aren’t going somewhere yourself.

To invite others to follow means you have a destination or journey that you are influencing them to pursue (usually along with you).

That’s where the gift comes into play. The Gift of Going First.

As a leader, when you go first you open the door for others. You create a path that makes it easier for someone behind you to go second and the person behind them to go third. Basically, you show them the way.

The idea also applies to life… in how we live it and example it.

It’s a significant gift that many are waiting to receive.

Take the first step. Open the door and let your actions be an example for others to follow.

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