Influence Perspective

The Most Powerful Thing You Could Do Today


Encourage, Inspire, and Uplift someone else.

Take a moment right now to encourage someone around you.

Do it by email, text, phone or face-to-face. It doesn’t matter so much how you do it, just that you do.

  • Tell them that they matter.
  • Let them know you believe in them.
  • Offer an encouraging word that gives them a little shot of inspiration to keep pressing on.
  • Thank them for what they do, for being who they are and for making a difference.

In most cases you don’t REALLY know what’s going on in their lives today.

Your simple gesture could mean much more than you know.

It could be the most powerful thing you do today.

Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker is President of Higher Level Group, Inc., a strategic marketing and development firm that helps authors, professional speakers, and organizations who are doing good to expand their influence. LINKS: Follow @DanielDecker on Twitter | Visit the "About" Page | Subscribe to the Blog and get updates via RSS or Email.
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  • Powerful truths here Daniel!

    • It's the simple things that usually seem to matter most. I'm trying not to forget that. 🙂

  • Solo

    One of my FAVORITE things to do! I absolutely LOVE doing and saying things to AFFIRM others. What's even BETTER is seeing people just open up and GROW like flowers do when they begin to love and AFFIRM themselves.