The Price of Nice

I’m a big fan of the Golden Rule. I dream of what a world might look like if we really did unto others as we’d have done unto ourselves. Honestly, even though I dream about it… I have a hard time imagining what it might actually look like. It certainly wouldn’t look like it does today but I’m eternally optimistic about what it could be. Why? Because I know that there are a lot of people dreaming about the same thing I am… who knows, maybe you are one of those dreamers too.

As I think about what’s blocking that dream from becoming a reality, I think about The Price of Nice.

Putting others first…
Letting go and forgiving someone else…
Slowing down when we’re in a hurry to lend a hand to another….
Watching our words and choosing them carefully…
Investing to build up rather than tear down…
Valuing others more than ourselves….
Taking time to show our appreciation….
Choosing to intentionally make someone else’s day…

All these things cost. Not money but effort and time.

We want others to pay the price for us but are we willing to pay the price for them in return?

It’s not an easy question if you’re honest with yourself but it’s a question we all need to ask each and every day.

Simply dreaming about it won’t make it so. We have to do our part by leading the way, setting the example and making a difference in the sphere of influence that we have… regardless of how big or small that is.

The Price of Nice is the currency that makes the world a better place.

Go spend a little today. Who knows, you might just get it back x2 in return.

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  • Great post Daniel. Nice wins every time in my world. Interestingly, it goes very well with my post today on the skills one needs to be a successful consultant.

    • Thanks Maurilio. You are a great example of someone who pays the price of nice every day. Always inspired by what you and The A Group do. 🙂

  • Interesting, I was pondering this exact question as I hit on your email. I think an important aspect needs to be added; perhaps not in the general world but certainly in the business and academia one. Often in competitive fields; kindness is mistaken for weakness. I often find myself astounded by the amount of people that require (gentle yet firm) re-aligning for so blatantly crossing the line in their aggressive demeanor. Thank you for broaching this subject–I am in complete agreement with you…….we would go some much further in our lives and careers if we choose to build each other up instead of tearing one another down.
    Thanks for the great post.

    • Thanks Bobbie. You bring up a great point. Being kind and humble requires much more strength than being aggressive and rude. Sad that the corporate world often sees it through the wrong lens but I do think that is shifting. Servant leadership is taking hold and as it does these leaders will be liberating leaders as well.

  • Marc Cardaronella

    I really like this post. I first ran across this and was so bowled over by it with the book "The Power of Nice." It's great to be reminded of this principle often. It's funny because this is so counterintuitive for most people. The natural tendency is to want to dominate not give. I think there is a sense in which we sort of think we'll be seen as weak or that we'll be taken advantage of. However, it seems that being nice and being helpful is the currency on the web….and that's really nice!

    • Very true Marc. When I think of this concept I also think of Tony Dungy and his book "Quiet Strength." I think he's a great example of how one can be a powerful leader but do so out of respect and kindness versus an iron fist.

  • There are two different situations you have to deal with. Just two. None else.

    1 – You MUST be nice to people willing to take time out of THEIR day to help you out, read your content, or leave comments on your blog. They are the reason why you are where where you are, and that's that. Only your readers can get you ANYWHERE on the internet.

    2 – You have to FIGHT to get on the top when it comes to competition. If they are 100x more popular than you, you MUST fight to BEAT them and become the BEST there is. Otherwise, you will get CRUMPLED.

    Great post.

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